Chapter One

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Stiles ran down a dark path in the woods, fog swallowing his feet with every step. Get to dad's house, get to dad's house is all he could think as he kept running from something that he wasn't sure was even there. His heart beat was in his ears and he couldn't breathe, but he knew if he stopped running it would get him. Keep running Stiles.

His foot caught on a tree root and he fell hard on the cold ground. Blood started to fall from his nose, making it that much harder to breathe. Get to dad's house, get out of the woods. He forced himself to his feet and started running again. He wiped his nose with the sleeve of his red hoodie as a roar sounded out from behind him. His adrenaline was running wild as he neared the clearing, the way out. Go, GO, R U N.

He was 100 feet from the exit when a bloody wolf blocked his path, its red eyes piercing through the darkness. Stiles stopped in his tracks, almost falling right in front of the beast. He wanted to scream, but he couldn't. He couldn't move as the beast circled him like prey. Blood streamed down from Stiles' nose as a tear left his eye. "Please don't hurt me."

"Why did you do it? Why did you kill me Stiles?" A familiar voice sounded through the night, joined by what seemed like a thousand echos of different voices. "Why Stiles?" "Why?" "Why did you kill us Stiles?" "How could you do this to us Stiles." "How could you do this to me? I loved you Stiles, why would you kill me?"  The last one was the loudest, and the only one that didn't have an echo behind it, the wolf's voice. 

More blood streamed from Stiles' nose as he fell to his knees, the tears that once fell from his eyes was replaced with streams of blood. The wolf creeped closer, and when it was just mer feet away from Stiles, it transformed into a naked, muscular, bloody man that looked familiar to Stiles, but he couldn't pinpoint who it was. His throat was all cut out and blood covered his body. "Why did you kill me?" 


Stiles gained control over his body and looked down at what he just did. He just slit Derek's throat with his own claws. Derek laid motionless on the floor, a single tear on his nose as his eyes were wide open, looking up at Derek with hurt and betrayal.

"Very good Stiles," Deucalion said, smirking. "You make for a marvelous slave, we can do legendary things together. Now, get rid of the bodies."

"You made me kill my pack..." Stiles said under his breath, still looking down at Derek. "You made me kill Derek..."

"Excuse me? Are you talking back to me? How can you even be talking? I didn't allow the demon to let you speak. Get rid of the bodies Stiles."

Stiles claws got larger, sharper. His features started to change beast like and when he looked up to meet Deucalion's gaze, his eyes were glowing blood red. "You made me," Stiles started, huffing and puffing through a mouth filled with fangs. "Kill my alpha."

Deucalion backed himself against the wall as he watched Stiles transform into a huge humanoid of a beast. Deucalion tried to demand that the demon to stop this at once, but Stiles' anger was too strong. Stiles let out a sound that sounded like a roar mixed with a scream as Stiles launched at Deucalion and he had no time to defend himself as Stiles' claws ripped through his body and cut him clean in half. Deucalion's top half of his body fell to the ground as his bottom half still stood with adrenaline, falling to the ground a few seconds later. 

"Take me to the witch who summoned you." Stiles ordered the demon, and he disappeared in a burst of darkness. 


I know this was a short chapter but I wanted to get it out since I've been making you guys waiting on a cliff hanger in Chapter Twenty of Big Red Riding Wolf, so here you go! I hope you enjoyed it. 

To be Continued...
Wolf (Sixth and Final Book of the "Little Red, Little Red" Series
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