she's not afraid

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"she walks in and the room just
lights up but she don't want
anyone to know that i'm
the only one who gets
to take her home."

"didn't you say she was going to be here ten minutes ago?" will questioned, impatient but his voice remaining kind as always. the party stood outside of the starcourt mall waiting for their brunette friend to show up, likely wearing one of mike's unbearably
geeky sweaters with a small smile on her lips. mike whipped his head around to gaze at his friend, will's head tilted as he and the rest of the friends waited for his response.

"she's not even supposed to be here! she's probably trying to come up with an excuse or lie or something like that." mike exclaimed, bending over to tie his shoe laces. max rolled her eyes, tightening her grip on her boyfriend's arm.

"this is stupid, we should just go! she's not coming. we're probably going to miss the movie." max complained, throwing her head back out of boredom. she peeked over her shoulder at the doors of the mall which were being flooded with the citizens of hawkins, each one presumably as excited to view the film as the teenagers were.

just as max was about to drag lucas by the arm to leave the parking lot, a girl with shoulder-length caramel locks rushed towards the group. just as they had all expected, her torso was covered by a fleece sweater that belonged to a freckle-faced boy and she was grinning widely.

"s-sorry i'm late! my dad was taking awhile." eleven beamed while her hand latched onto mike's, her fingers intertwining seamlessly with his.

she glanced up at her boyfriend, stifling a laugh as his mouth hung open in a gaping position. even if they had seen each other every day for months, he still always found himself struck by the way her hair curled slightly at the ends or the way her fawn eyes twinkled slightly whenever she looked at him. he gulped as his eyes remained glued on her, his pupils dilating as he was unable to stop staring because of the way she made his heart beat uncontrollably.  even just her presence caused his cheeks to flush a shade of crimson that would only occur when he felt her fingertips brush against his or when her eyes would meet his for just a split second, quick to pull away and leave the two with rosy cheeks.

"you have got to be kidding me, the tickets just sold out!" max interrupted the sweet moment with a groan, directing the groups attention to a bold sign hung above the ticket booth. dustin cursed under his breath, causing el to frown.

"i'm sorry, i didn't realize i took that long." el apologized, sheepishly ducking her head and wincing in embarrassment. mike's eyes flashed with panic, quick to squeeze her hand and offer her a small smile.

"i-it's not your fault! i didn't even want to see the movie that badly anyway." mike reassured, causing dustin and lucas to exchange confused glances.

"but you've been talking about this movie for months, mike." dustin claimed, lucas nudging him with his elbow harshly afterwards.

"you're so stupid sometimes." lucas commented in a hushed whisper, making sure none of the others would hear. the rest of the party shrugged as they exited the parking lot, ditching the packed movie to go back to the wheeler household.

"she's not afraid of all
the attention she's not afraid
of running wild!"

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