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In the beginning, there was a God. And the universe did not yet exist, the only Light was God. Then, He expanded Himself, thus creating the universe and all things in it.

And He and His Angels have watched over it since the dawn of time. One planet they watched, in particular, was a blue and green planet simply known as Earth. Many wonderful and fascinating creatures lived together in harmony on this planet: Birds, dogs, cats, reptiles, insects, and people. But little did they know that they were about to become involved in a long struggle between two other planets that had been going on for many years...

These two planets, however, were not in the same galaxy as ours. They were not even in the same universe as ours. They were in a different universe, known as a parallel universe in a parallel galaxy known as Andromeda. The aliens from one of these two warring worlds were just about to enter Earth's atmosphere. The city it was approaching, was none other than Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. And it was steadily approaching a neighborhood in that city called Port Richmond, where I, Ross Eberle, also known as Muggins, and my mom, Laurie Eberle currently lived.

At this time, during the evening, my Mom and I were shopping for groceries at a local shopping center in a store called Thriftway. Then, without warning, the UFO suddenly appeared in the sky some 20,000 feet off the ground. It was heading right for the supermarket my Mom and I were shopping at! And she and I were just about finished with our rather short trip.

"How does soup sound for dinner tonight, Muggins?" she asked me, as she picked up a dented can of Campbell's tomato soup on clearance-sale and showed it to me.

"Good, Mommy!" I told her, not paying close attention.

I was only a little boy back then, about seven years old. The date was sometime in August of the year 1993. But despite the fact that I was this young made no difference of how involved we were about to become in the war these two planets were having. Meanwhile, back outside, the craft was now a mere 1,000 feet in the air and approaching the large parking lot of Thriftway. 

Another boy, close to my age, who noticed it tugged at his Mom's coat. "What is it, sweetie?" she asked him.

The boy pointed to the craft in the sky. "There's an alien ship, Mom!" he exclaimed to her.

The boy's mother was loading her groceries into her car and stopped to look up at it. "Aliens aren't re-OH MY GOD!" she gasped in alarm.

Other people had now noticed it as well. Some people scrambled away from it. Others just stared at it in shock.

By this time, the craft, which was shaped like a large, gray submarine, hovered less than 500 feet right over the parking lot. It was 318 feet long and 32 feet wide and had several yellow pulsating lights on it.

A news chopper, which had been covering the nightly traffic had caught wind of this event. It was now hovering nearby, its pilots watching it intently. Everyone waited to see what it would do. No one wasmaking a sound. The only sounds anyone could hear were the helicopter blades whirring, and the low humming noise the ship was making. Suddenly, two panels opened up on either side of the submarine. Out of these panels came two strange-looking receptacles. The left-hand receptacle began to whir and light up red. The submarine then fired a fat, red laser at Thriftway. The laser was small, but it did some damage to the roof. Everyone who saw it gasped in alarm. Some people cried out and ran away to their cars. Inside the store, everyone including my Mom and I heard the resounding boom that the laser made when it struck the store. And my Mom and I had just finished checking out!

"What was that?" my Mom asked.

"I don't know." I shrugged at her, distracted by a row of candy bars, which probably wouldn't be for me.

Back outside, the submarine's right-hand receptacle charged up and fired another small, fat, red laser at Thriftway. This time, it hit the front window of the store, which then shattered on impact. My Mom and I abandoned our cart and ran outside to see it for ourselves.

"Oh my God! Look at that!" my Mom exclaimed pointing to the submarine UFO in the sky in front of Thriftway.

"Whoa!"I exclaimed in shock.

My mom and I dropped to the ground and covered our heads when the ship shot a third red laser. This one sent several shopping carts flying through the air. They caught on fire and flew right over our heads and landed in a fiery heap, elsewhere. By this time, the SWAT Team had been called over to deal with this alien threat.

"Alright!" said the SWAT Team leader, who was standing with a SWAT team nearby."Fire at will!"

Before they could shoot at their target, a loud bang and a bright white flash engulfed the submarine UFO. As a result, it recoiled and flashed red a few times.

"What the!? Did something just hit it!?" the SWATTeam leader cried out in alarm.

Suddenly, two blue and silver portals appeared in the sky on both sides of the parking lot where the UFO hovered. Dozens of rainbow-colored fox-like animals emerged from both portals. Some were bigger than others.

Finally, two huge ones appeared. The two huge fox creatures lifted their heads to the sky and howled. Their howls were deep and resounding. Suddenly, two 3D, animated figures materialized out of the thin air. One of them resembled a young, Native American woman in her 20s, the other resembled a knight in shining armor from the 1500s. Both characters stood about 30 feet tall. Just then, a booming voice sounded from the UFO.

"Well, well! If it isn't the Sky Fighters and their HoundyCruncher cohorts! Your pathetic attempts to stop me from taking over this planet are all in vain! Now come forth and bow to your new masters; two of my strongest henchmen! Mu-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!"

Suddenly, two white lights erupted from the UFO and landed in front of the two characters. They were a cockroach that stood on its two hind legs and a female Amazon, with red glowing eyes. These henchmen were not as tall as the SkyFighters.They were around 20 feet tall. The Native American woman took out a staff strapped to her back, while the knight took out a sword from a sheath on the side of his body. The Native American, who resembled Pocahontas began battling against the Amazon, while the knight, who looked like king Arthur, began battling against the cockroach. 

I stood there and watched in awe, as the four combatants exchanged loud melee blows with their weapons. The cockroach was armed with two swords and two shields, while the Amazonwoman held a spear in her hands. The sounds of their weapons clanging together echoed in the darkness. The characters and their sinister-looking opponents could only be seen by the lights around the parking lot and the yellow lights on the submarine ship. Then, the cockroach and the Amazon knocked the Native American woman and the knight to the ground by firing some sort of fat and yellow projectiles at them.

"No!! Get up! Get up!" I shouted out to them! "You can beat them! I know it!"

"Muggins, stop!" my Mom snapped, fearing they'd hear.

But the two SkyFighters must have heard me because they immediately stood up. Then, suddenly, I watched in amazement, as the knight 'Arthur character fired several fireballs at the cockroach. The cockroach fell to the ground and exploded. Then, the Native American Pocahontas'character shot four lightning bolts at the Amazon. She too fell to the ground and exploded.

"NOOOO!!" the booming voice bellowed. "Hmm...You may have been able to beat those two simpletons, but you have yet to beat my whole army! I shall have this pathetic planet under my rule if it is the last thing I do!!" the booming evil voice roared again threateningly.

The two gun receptacles retracted back into the panels on the sides of the UFO submarine. Then, it gradually floated up into the atmosphere and away from Earth.

"Yes! They did it!" I exclaimed in excitement.

The few people who didn't flee began cheering. My Mom just stared at me in amazement. I cheered, along with the remaining 'spectators' of this battle. Then, I looked around to see if all the fox creatures and those two animated characters were still there, but I didn't see them anywhere! It was like they'd vanished into thin air...

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