Picking her 🦋🦋

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Valentina POV

I woke up and saw Babe in the dp and started to freshen up then suddenly I realized I have to pick up her then I started to get dressed but I don't know why I am feeling butterflies fly in my stomach. I selected casual dress to wear for the office. I came down and saw Eva sitting there in the living room, she is doing some work in her laptop. I don't wanted to disturb her so I haven't said anything but then I don't how she knows I am here but she asked

Eva: Val are you ready for joining in the company??
Valentina: Yeah I am ready to join.
Eva: Are you nervous??
Valentina: no why did you asked it.
Eva: When you came down I saw your legs you are wearing different shoes
Valentina: That is now a days style you are old you don't know.
Eva: Okay but why are you nervous??
Valentina: You know why I am nervous
Eva: I know for sure that you're not nervous for the job may be you are meeting someone
Valentina: Eva you're very good at reading me.
Eva: Let me guess it is that girl came to meet you in the hospital yesterday.
Valentina: Yeah I can't able to concentrate on me or anything other than her when she is not with me. When she is with me I can't talk with her, I just want to see her like that and just want to freeze the time for life long.
Eva: My god, you are so whipped with her.

Then suddenly I saw Guille coming out of his room talking in the phone laughing, when he saw us he ended the call and came to us

Eva: You both are looking so happy, I am so happy to see you guys like this.
Valentina: Eva I wanted to ask this but haven't had this type of conversation with you.
Eva: Okay we can talk about this afterwards now I have some work in the office, I am leaving.

She said bye then went away then Guille said to me

Guillermo: Don't you ever ask Eva about her love life. She will get upset and can go to her sad mood in life.
Valentina: Why?? We also want her to be happy??
Guillermo: Once She was in a love with this guy then he cheated on her when he needed for her most.
Valentina: What?? When did this happened??
Guillermo: When dad died she was busy taking care of us then he thought he got freedom from her at that time he started ignoring her then she saw him cheating on her in her room which they specially designed for their future.
Valentina: Eva how can she be like this Guille when she is so much heart broken then also she kept up with my attitude.
Guillermo: I talked with her about this then she said you're behaving like this because you lost the most important person in your life.
Valentina: My god. Guille I don't know how to react to this. I am going to pick babe, wish me luck I don't know why but some butterflies are running in my stomach.
Guillermo: That happens, Whatever I say that won't go away unless you see Juliana. So go to her.
Valentina: Okay Guille I will meet you in the office. Bye

I said bye and came to the car and started it, within no time I came to Babe house. I messaged her

Valentina: Babe I am down waiting for you, take your own time and get ready and come down.

I don't know did she saw my message or not but she came out and I saw her butterflies started running in my stomach very badly.
She came into the car and sat beside me but I can't able to atleast greet her.

Juliana: Idiot How am I looking??
Valentina: Beautiful
Juliana: How is your health now??
Valentina: Good
Juliana: When did you slept last night??
Valentina: Don't know.
Juliana: Idiot why are you not talking properly??
Valentina: Nothing.

I don't know what happened to her but she kissed me and said

Juliana: Are you Okay now I want my Idiot back not this dull girl.
Valentina: Babe I am going to leave you in school and I don't know may be I can able to pick you up or not so I am sorry for that.
Juliana: Okay
Valentina: Babe today I am joining in the job.
Juliana: I know Idiot and also I bought you the t-shirt for today.
Valentina: Really Babe thank you

She gave me that t shirt and I saw that she is also wearing the same thing then I asked her

Valentina: Babe did you got them in 1+1 offer
Juliana: Yep I liked them and I thought I want to keep it if one lost then another one will be there so I got them but you're precious for me so I am giving you my lucky top which I used.
Valentina: Used one??
Juliana: Yeah I want you to have this one. This brings me luck but from now on I want you to be my lucky charm so I am giving it to you.
Valentina: I would love to have it.
Juliana: Wear it Idiot now I want to see you in that top.
Valentina: Okay Babe I am wearing it can you close your eyes.

She closed her eyes that's what I thought but she just said

Juliana: Idiot wow your abs what are they made of, looking perfect.
Valentina: Babe I said to you close your eyes.
Juliana: That body is mine Idiot I can see whenever I want.

She said that started blushing, my god she looks so good with her pink cheeks, I just love them. I went in and pulled her cheeks and said

Valentina: I love you babe.
Juliana: you're hurting my cheeks.
Valentina: Those are mine babe I can do whatever I want
Juliana: Okay lets start, leave me at the school and have a good day in the office.
Valentina: Okay do you want to listen to anything specific.
Juliana: Nothing just silence like this or else want to listen to your voice for today.

We came to school and I dropped her then I don't know what happened but she went in but with in seconds she came out running towards me and hugged me and kissed me and said

Juliana: Take Care, don't you ever go near the hospital. I don't about you but it makes me feel sad.
Valentina: Promise Babe i will take care of me.

She gave me some chocolates and said

Juliana: Have this May be this will help me that atleast thinking she will have chocolate if her sugar level goes down.
Valentina: Sure babe. Have a great day. If I can come evening I will message you.
Juliana: Don't think too much about it, have a wonderful day in the office.

She kissed me and went away from there. I came to office.

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