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Dan led me down an ornate hall filled with paintings and gold chandeliers' gaped at the displayed wealth that was spread out all around me. We passed several more doors and halls until we came into a spacious sitting room. It was painted a deep gold with intricate moldings on the ceiling. Like the other rooms there was a large fireplace with a beautiful painting of a copper headed young girl whose arms had swirls of gold imbedded into the skin like tattoos. Red velvet couches were strewn around a large rug that covered the majority of the wood floor.

Dan took my hand and led me to a couch. Surprisingly the wood floor was warm and I wondered if it was heated and how much that would cost. I sank into the couch, retreating into the corner opposite Dan. He frowned a little and I looked at him expectantly.

"So I think you've figured out that there are supernatural or magical creatures." he looked at me guessingly. I nodded, a little nervous to hear this.

"Well I would say that you live in a world of fairies, that would be the closest description, but I don't want you going around insulting people." He ran his hand through his hair. "There are many types of beings in this world. There are the Nymphs, those are the girls who have the quators, flame like tattoos. Those are a living part of them though and a big part of the magic they have. They are...peaceful warriors. There are the pixies, the..." He looked at me awkwardly, and then lowered his voice. "smaller people with the wings that look like flames. But do not ever mention their size because they are easily offended and can be a real pain in the butt. Then there are the nixies, they generally look like children, young boys and girls who just sort of glow. They are very special because they have the ability to charm or beguile people into thinking their way or that something they saw was something else."

"Is that why I couldn't see them before today?" I interrupted

"No, that's a deeper magic. Something made by the Fate to ensure that the mortals stayed ignorant." He glanced at me to make sure I wasn't freaking out or anything. I just nodded.

"Well then there's the embren, small glowing beings about the size of your thumb, who are the most innocent and beautiful in my opinion, they create wonderful light shows and trinkets." He smiled then faltered. "Then there's the people of the Ash, the less friendly side of the fire. Fallen Flames, they are haunting and glum and usually easy to pick a fight with. They are especially bitter towards the Flames because they represent all that they've lost." His voice trailed off.

"And what are Flames?" He smiled and leaned forward.

"I think you met one of them today, my friend Ben." I tried to think back, than remembered the guy from this morning.

"They guy on fire?" I asked suspiciously. He laughed.

"Yes. Flames can tend to burst into flame whenever they feel happy or dad. They can be very joyful and beautiful, though there is always a dangerous side to playing with fire." He ended that last part seriously.

"What are you?" Wondering, and secretly hoping you would just say : "Oh me? I'm normal don't worry" But I knew better.

"A Spark at your service." He said, standing up and bowing dramatically. I just smirked and he laughed.

"Sparks are the wisdom keepers and advisors. We 'tend the fire' you could say. We take care of the fairies and keep things under control."

"No special powers?" I said teasingly.

"I can't reveal my secrets, then I can't surprise you later." I giggled then quieted when I though back to an earlier question I had.

"Why can I see you all of a sudden?" I asked quietly pulling my legs up to me. He sat back down and looked at me seriously his eyes looking golden, his bronze hair flickering in the firelight.

"You are very special." He whispered. "You are an Embodiment, A very, very rare and powerful being. A ruler, a Queen."

I just stared at him, letting the words sink in. I cleared my throat.

"An Embodiment of what?" He looked at me quizzically, expecting a different question.

"Well, fire" He said, spreading his arms. "Of the flames, the embers, the heat, the glow and the passion."

Something gnawed at me and I looked down

"I thought fire was kind of bad?" I said, hoping not to be offensive. His voice was level and smooth though when he responded slowly.

"Like I said, there is always a dangerous side to fire." He raised my chin with two fingers, His face desperate. "Fire can also be beautiful and good though. It brings life and heat and dances in the night."

"Is this like an element thing?" I asked thinking back to the icy girl.

"You're thinking of Kamri aren't you?"

"If that's the icy chick from before, than yes." He sighed.

"Yes there are Embodiments and beings of all the elements. None quite as impressive as ours, I might add. Kamri is the embodiment of Water. She didn't used to always be this way." He smiled, remembering. "She was calm, graceful and free; as unpredictable as the ocean, and peaceful as a stream. But when her child died she iced over and became cold. For One hundred years she has been cruel and hard, raging over everyone. The Earth and Air courts have retreated elsewhere and we would have too. But we had to wait for you."

"Wait, child? She can't be more than fifteen?!" I said in shock, thinking back to the young girl.

"Once Embodiments reach their point of maturity they appear as whatever age reflects their inner feelings. It is an uncontrollable ability. I guess Kamri is feeling like a lost child. She's been that age for twenty years."

"And where doI come into this?"

"Like I said, you're the Embodiment. A newly born one who-" I cut him off.

"I'm hardly newly born." I grumbled. "I'm nineteen!" He chuckled.

"Yes, but for an elemental being you are quite young. AsI was saying, Water and Fire have never really gotten along and she.... holds a grudge against theFire court for the death of her child."

"Did Fire kill the child?" I asked in fear.

"No, it just indirectly affected her, the child. And well, she's gotten used to the cold and being melted by fire is the last thing she wants. That's why she wanted you to go with her. She was going to ice you over and extinguish your flame." I shivered at the thought. No wonder I hated the cold...

"But you have reached the point where you must join the Fire and build it up so we can roar and crackle once more!" He looked at me eagerly, excitement in his eyes.

A panic fell over me. What he was expecting, was way too big for a girl he just met yesterday. I had a life and friends and family. I may live in this world, but I didn't want to take part in it. Other kids always felt like they had been royalty switched up in the hospital or waiting for something big and exciting to come along. I had never felt that way, I was happy with my life. And now when it was handed to me, I especially realized how much I loved my life with my friends. I was going to fight to stay with them.

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