3• Lau Mori, At Your Service

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Hey y'all. Okay guys, I totally understand if after this chapter y'all decide to stop reading this. I had this crazy idea that refused to go away so I wrote it out. I was inspired by an anime named Owari no Seraph. So be warned. This chapter is crazy & probably better explained as the story progresses. Thanks for listening. Enjoy!
Nico groaned, feeling sore and tired all over.

"So you're finally awake." "Well awake in your mind is better said."

The boy snapped up at the feminine voice, wary. A taunting laugh filled his ears instead; it had a tint of exhausted cheer, and disguised bitterness.



Stumbling back, Nico eyed the... monster?... in front of him.

She was laughing hysterically now; "she" had mocking blood red eyes and full lips curled back to reveal a fanged sneer.

Flushing in embarrassment, Nico quickly tried to feel for his sword but found that it was gone; The brown eyed Demi-God grimaced. He would have to fend off this vampire like creature with bare hands. Nico stood up from the white ground.

Wait... White ground? The son of Hades noticed that he and the vampire (?) were stuck in a picture of pure white.

Unarmed and stuck in an unknown territory. Welp, wasn't he damed.

The monster's bubbly giggles died down. At the silence, Nico snapped his head back at the creature, ready for anything unexpected.

The female crossed her arms which were covered up to her elbows in black fingerless gloves, smirking. "Lookie here kiddo, we're going to do this either the easy way or the hard way." She paused, her devilish eyes burning into his. "Don't be sacred. Heh. Heh."

Nico instantly disliked her personality.

"Who are you?" Nico hissed.

"Does it really matter Nico-boy?"


She shook her head and wagged her finger at him, her dark lilac hair bouncing in waves. "Adittude."

This monster was dancing on his nerves– she was playing with fire and Nico couldn't wait to see her burned. She was the perfect example of why Nico generally disliked people. People always played around and choked up his style and person; they always tried to change everything to their view of "acceptable" and to fit in their "society".

"Who are you?" He repeated.

"If you really must know," She handed him a coy grin that was anything but innocent. "I'm Lau Mori: Your personal demon, ready to posses you at minutes notice."

Nico blinked once.

Nico blinked twice.


She was still there, hugging her sides in amusement.

Why wasn't she fading? This obviously had to be part of his imagination. Nothing like this could happen in real life- this was the sort of things story tellers crafted in their books. How could she... Nico felt dread fill him. The irony.

Demigods weren't supposed to exist either; they were the thing of myths. Yet here Nico was, alive and breathing.

There had to be a rational explanation for this: maybe he was going insane after all. Nico took his fingers to pinch himself. Maybe he really was messed up in the mind like everyone whispered behind his back- maybe he really was the crazy monster here. Who was he kidding? Of course he was.

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