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Thump, Beep, Thump thump, Beep..

Muffled noises compared to the hammering of blood in my ears. Tubing, I could taste the nasty plastic in my mouth and the smell, bleached anesthetic burned my nose. A combination you would only ever find in a hospital.

"Horizon, sweety, squeeze my hand if you can hear me." The dull drawled voice poured into my cranium, I squeezed the latex in my hand.

"She's responsive!" Wince. That voice was piercing and annoying, I screwed my eyes tighter shut.

"Open your eyes" Blinding white white burned my eye's.

-Insert weird blinding white scene where it flashes forward.-

"Please rise for the jury" My arm was grabbed as I was pulled to my feet. I glared at the door.

Nine people entered through the door. Sour pompous looks plaster clearly across their faces, I didn't belong here.

"Please be seated" Hand clamped down on my shoulder as I was shoved down into my seat, my chains rattling.

I hung my head, I deserved this, I know I did. I grimaced, turning my head to see Asteria and Crypt. Asteria was crying her mascara everywhere. Crypt held onto her his face contoured into a frown. I felt a pang in my heart.

Of all the stupid things I had ever done this was the worst, I wanted to take back everything that I had ever done. For the first time in my life I regretted something, And it just happened to be the one that was the end of the rope.

"How dos the defendant plead?" The dry voice of the judge boomed. I felt my lawyer, the supposed 'best' in the state stand beside me.

I felt my heart begin to pound again, I flicked my eyes to Asteria and Crypt again, this time they both stared back at me.

"Not guilty your Honor" I watched their faces drop, They knew I was lying.

"No" My own voice echoed around the otherwise silent room, The judge started at me and My lawyer stared at me in disbelief.

I forced myself to my feet, the chains clang as I did so.

"I plead guilty your Honor." Murmurs and yells echoed around the room.

"SILENCE" The judge banged the gavel, The room quieted.

"What are you doing!?" My lawyer whispered harshly at me, I stared at my feet. "Fixing my mistake" I murmured lifting my head, making eye contact with the judge.

"Young lad, you do understand the consequences of your plead?" She stared at my critically. I nodded.

"I do your Honor." She nodded. "Very well, Horizon Lecklin, I here by sentence you to death row, where you will be prosecuted by means of lethal injection." She banged her gavel.

Yanked to my feet, the cuffs binding my ankles were attached to my wrists. I was walked down the aisle between the rows, I spared a glance at Asteria and Crypt.

"Forgive me" I said tears clouding my eyes. She smiled a sad smile and Crypt nodded.

I was lead out the front doors, the sun blinding me. "HORIZON!!" My name was screamed by fans lining the streets with many posters, banner and other things , written in every color imaginable.

I felt sick to my stomach.

As I was pushed into the back of the patrol car, I sat, staring at the back of the seat. I smiled, tears dripping onto my orange jumpsuit.

"What a perfect end."

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