Chapter Five: I'll Never Look At Hot Pink Fuzzy Handcuffs The Same Way Again

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Chapter Five: I'll Never Look At Hot Pink Fuzzy Handcuffs The Same Way Again


In usual Tessa fashion, this age old trick worked on me and I dropped my toothbrush in the sink.

God damn it, I hate it when that happened.

But I loved it when Cole wrapped his arms around me and pressed his naked chest to my back, that was always great. 

“Why’d you do that?” I rinsed my mouth and rescued my toothbrush. 

“Because you’re fun to play with and I’m in the mood to play.” He kisses my cheek as his hands starts to wander and I let myself enjoy it for a few minutes before pulling away. We have things to do today, plans which mean that we can’t get into the other stuff.

Distractions, although it was the best kind of distraction. 

“Hand’s off Stone, go put some clothes on and then make me breakfast. We need to go costume shopping before all the good ones are gone.” 

He groans and tugs at the hem of my sleep shirt, which just coincidentally happens to be his. “Why? It’s 9 am, the party doesn’t start till another eleven hours. Eric’s gone to his girlfriend’s, we have this who place to ourselves. Don’t you want to do something more…exciting than to shop?”

He’s got a very good point there, very good one indeed and he starts proving it by sucking my earlobe in between his lips, knowing that it does crazy things to me. 

I begin to breathe heavily, “What did you have in mind?”

“Well,” he lets my ear go and begins placing kisses down my neck, “It definitely wouldn't involve me putting on clothes. Quite the opposite really.”

He tugs at my shirt again and this time instead of pulling back I lift my arms. 


We manage to get out of the apartment two hours later, hand in hand and ready to take on the world of costume shopping. I don’t tell him that I’d planned my costume weeks earlier, the one I’d been telling Cami and Sarah about but that in light of recent events I’d had to completely scratch it and start afresh. Because I’d gotten a jersey, a football jersey with his name and number at the back, had it completely tailored to fit, gotten the matching shorts, had number one fan printed on the front too.

But, things were obviously a bit different now.

We’d had the big heart to heart, the one where I confessed that I didn’t feel like I fit in his life anymore and ever since that night, two weeks ago he’d been trying to chase my fears away. He’d find little ways to tell me he loved all day, he’d show me off in front of his friends, made me come watch him practice so that I’d see that not all the guys on his team were arms up against commitment and monogamy. 

I definitely appreciate his efforts.

And because he’s working so hard, I’ve decided to work on myself too. He deserves someone better than a person whose always going to think lesser of herself, who’ll never have the confidence to claim him, love him and be with him like he deserves too. I needed to fix myself for him and for me. So I’d randomly started looking up counsellors in the area, Cami indirectly gave me the idea to talk to a therapist, because she’d bring up a lot of the things she learned in her Psych classes. I’m not sure right now if that’s what I need, opening up to a total stranger but I’m looking into it.

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