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So, guys, I think there is some confusion going on here. So the short summary is;

Lana has escaped the asylum with Danny where she was put up for killing her boyfriend and later seeing her dead boyfriend. Detective Harrison and Aaron have been given the case to solve. The only clue is Lana's diary where everything is written what happened in that asylum. Later it is shown that Harrison is a warlock who has a connection with Dalton and Lana is still searching for her remain family. Harrison has solved the case but he is still in denial. It also indicates that Harrison knows something that has yet to show. So pretty much that's what has been happening.


Harrison's dreams were really getting fuzzy nowadays. 

He had the same dreams over and over. But each time it changed into someone else's death. He had seen his mom, Iva, Aaron's death by now. He didn't know what to believe in anymore. On the other hand, he was surprised to see Aaron show up in front of his house last night. Even that would be expectable if Aaron tracked him down but according to Aaron, one night he was sleeping in his own bed and the next he was in Tennessee, waiting in front of Harrison's house. Aaron could be pranking him but even Harrison was smart to recognize the fear in Aaron's eyes.

Suffice to say, Aaron freaked out enough to shut himself in a room for hours. 

Harrison didn't know how a person could transfer from NY to Tennessee without knowing anything. His mom did a ritual to banish any negative energy lurking around in their house but failed. He was considering to call Dalton for help but his mom just refused him, saying she didn't want to owe Dalton more than she already did. 

But Harrison was more pissed at himself. Why did he leave Aaron without any protection? He knew, despite wanting to deny it all he knew the risk he was taking when he took this particular case. He should have put on a ward around Aaron. Or maybe bring him here to keep him safe.

But he didn't. And now Aaron was suffering for it. 

"Everything alright?" His mom asked when he kept his eyes on the closed-door his friend ran to last night. He hadn't left once to eat or talk. Harrison was worried about just what kind of conclusion would Aaron turn to for this mishap. 

"He wouldn't do anything stupid, would he?" Harrison wondered looking back at his mom. "Besides who gave him the entry to enter the clan?"

His mom sighed. "The clan leader did, she wasn't so happy about it. But somehow Aaron didn't show the aura of a human or she'd ask me questions."


He rubbed his few days stubble with a frown on his face. "You sure we don't need Dalton's help?"

She shook her head making Harrison worry more. No matter what his mom said, he needed extra help. Just then an idea came to his mind but he wasn't sure how to bring that idea to a reality.

"What's wrong?" She asked picking up the sudden nervousness coming from Harrison. He looked at the far end of the kitchen before turning back to his mom once again.

"You don't want to take help from Dalton I get it, but no one said anything about Iva." He could see his mom starting to protest so he grabbed her shoulder to calm her down. "Look, it's only to help Aaron. Besides, she needs to let out her energy. You told me she stopped doing magic."

"But...but it reminds her of all the bad things that happened to her because she is a witch, my poor girl." She moved away with a choked sob before Harrison could stop her. The guilt hit him hard as he could hear the sniffling sounds coming from her room. 

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