Mood Changing

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"Mom, I need to talk to you about something very important." I knocked on her office door before entering.

"What's up" She asked setting her papers down on her desk in front of her and looking up to me.

She looked so small and frail compared to my large and massive body. Some people can't believe that she is my mother, some can't believe she had so many children. I took a seat in one of the leather chairs in front of her desk and took a deep breath, then exhaled, this was going to be very unnerving.

"It's about our father, and I know you don't like to talk about him much but this is something that I should have told you a long time ago." I started.

"You know don't you, that he's a werewolf" She sighed as she removed the glassed from her face.

"Yes, I've been one for a while now, and about our father, he's still alive." I paused to let my words sink in.

"What do you mean? You said he died, I even went to his grave site, I have his death certificate, he was ill, he died in the asylum!" She kept rambling trying to give me evidence that I was wrong.

"It was just a cover up. You see, Mom, Dad really did go insane, his wolf needed a pack, and though we are his family we weren't enough, so his wolf went insane and he decided that it was best if he stayed away from us, because even though he and his wolf loved us all especially you, very much, the would be a point when his wolf would go, and he won't recognize anyone he used to know and just go on a rampage." I explained holding her hands in mine trying to console my mother.

"This is not funny, Thomas, I'm too old for you to be playing such tricks on me." Mother stood up walked around her desk to me.

"I'm not joking, his family took him back to their country and he's spent the last couple years getting better, he;s ready to come back and beg your forgiveness, I know I should have told you that he was still alive but he didn't want you to stress any further." She shook her head at me.

"Listen, your father is dead, he died a long time ago, that's why I started to age again, I'm proof that he is dead." I sighed rubbing my temples with the tips of my fingers.

"You also age if you're away from your mate for more than a year, and it's been a few years now. I'll even call him if you want me to!" I was practically pleading with her now.

"Why would he want to come back now anyway, how does he know I haven't already moved on?" She asked as she sat back in her seat.

"I've been keeping him updated on the family, since he's been gone." I stood from my seat.

"Are we the only ones that know about him?" Mother asked looking through her paperwork again.

"Yes, he'll be here in two days and I'm not sure how to go about telling everyone, especially Nivea, since their are some things I didn't tell him about her." I headed toward the door.

"Tomorrow we'll all have to sit down and talk, call everyone and tell them to come home." With that I left her office and pulled out my phone, dialing my siblings two at a time.


The older women let us to a room that had rarely been used and pushed an furniture in the middle of the room to the side and began to draw with white chalk on the wood floor. A few of the guys went out to Delian's house to get the materials needed for this spell. Atesh was once again stripped down to his boxers and laid on the chalk covered ground. Bazel laid down in the circle a few inches away from Atesh.

"So, what exactly are we suppose to be doing?" Atesh asked from his sprawled out position on the ground.

"Nothing, now shut up and stay still," I rolled my eyes as I was once again given another kind of herbal mixture to grind up and draw across his body.

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