chapter 3 /.\

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Here you guys go...

Abbys pov

My eyes opened to a white room. The first thought was am I dead?  But soon I heard a similar voice "abby your alive!" Brianna's voice filled my ears hugging me making me flinch with contact.

    "Ouch" I whimpered and heard a high deep growl in the room.


I frozed in place as bri pulled away, I grabbed her shirt trying to hide. The growling got louder "shut up your scareing her Sebastian" bri scolded him.

    I looked at him and my heart skipped. His styled jet black hair was ruffled with his lip ring  in, this made me want to just die in love.


    He lowered his gaze and ruffeld his hair some more.  "How long have I been out?" I asked bri. She looked at me "hmmm six weeks I think" she said shrugging, I jumped up and fell back down flinching at my bodies pain "ouch~".

    Bri giggled and smile " im going to go eat I'll be back later" she said to me winking before she left. I frozed she left me alone with him.... soon I heard a low growl, I turned my head looking at my alpha.


       I lowered my head "i-im so sorry a-alpha." He growled again as I heard him walk towards the hospital bed. They stopped and I was ready for him to hit me, but it never came. My gaze kept its self focused on the blanket, something happened that I would never expect.


  A hug. a hug?! I tensed up and relaxed after a while, my neck started getting wet. He was crying? "A-alpha?" Was all I could say "I'm so sorry~" he pleaded


     "I did this to you im so sorry" my body froze at his change in character "what happened?" He kept quiet for a few minutes until he spoke again

    " six weeks ago you left remember...with my sister bri" I nodded  my head  "okay so, you got attacked by a rogue that Stacy sent so she can kill you" tears filled up his eyes they slowly fell I couldn't stop my self from wiping them away.

     "Shhh~ its fine." He shook his head "no its not. I felt your pain if I didn't, you would be dead right now" he put his face in the crook of my neck smelling my scent.

    His scent made my mouth water it was the smell of fresh apple pie with cinnamon. "For give me please, we can redo this I'll be your mate, I can't loose you." He begged me.

  "What about Brittany?" He shook his head and growled "I took care of her" I flinched a bit and nodded. "Yes , yes I'll forgive you."
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