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I fidgeted with the hem of my sweater as I nervously waited for something to happen

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I fidgeted with the hem of my sweater as I nervously waited for something to happen...

Literally anything.

So far Christian, Brad, and I had been waiting in this large open lounge for the past ten minutes. There was absolutely no sign of Christian's mother, and judging by the look on Brad and Christian's face, they didn't seem too sure on when she'd be arriving.

I didn't fully understand why Brad was here either. It felt like more of a business meeting than a dinner.

"Leave it to this woman to keep us waiting for centuries." Christian muttered under his breath. I got this odd sensation that he had kept his voice low for a reason. It looked as if it was for good reason, because moments later, a new voice cut in to the conversation.

"I finally get to meet the man that's done miraculously well in disciplining my son." A woman spoke as she entered the room.

My eyes started from her shoes as the clicked against the marble flooring, and gradually gravitated upwards.

Her shoes looked like they, alone, held the power to solve world hunger. I knew close to nothing about women's shoes, but the bright red bottom was something I had recognized almost immediately. Whatever she was wearing, was pricey. The heel on those shoes were higher than my gpa, my self esteem, and even Uncle Earl around the holidays.

She wore a figure hugging skirt and matching black blazer that opened up to a gorgeous white blouse. The ruffles gave off elegance and sophistication. Those were then paired with a beautiful pearl necklace. When my eyes did finally reach hers, I almost choked on my on spit.

My god, this woman was beautiful.

I'm talking runway, American next top model, take my fucking money, beautiful. Her eyes were as sharp as Christian's. Instead, however, her hair looked as dark as Brad's. I got so lost in her beauty, I almost didn't hear what she had said next.

"It is an absolute pleasure to meet you, Alexander Hamilton. Me apologies for keeping you all waiting." She nodded, and for the first time since entering, acknowledged the other two men in the room. "My name is Oksanna Ivanov. You may call me Anna." She continued as she drew closer and extended her hand to me.

Her accent was the first thing to take me by surprise. You could hear a hint of something that sounded Russian or Ukrainian.

I took her delicate hand in mine moments later.
"H-Hi H-Hello, S-Sorry my hands are all sweaty ." I stumbled in between my words and she gave my palm a firm squeeze before finally letting go.

The edges of her mouth turned up into a small smile.

"These boys must have made me out to be the devil. Please don't be alarmed, I promise you I do not bite. You have my word." Her smile grew larger as she saw me visibly relax a little when she took a step back.

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