My Oc (2/3)

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• Role •
•Name •
Liam Young
• Age currently •
Twelve years old
• Age that you were sent into the camp •
Six years old
• Gender•
• Sexuality•
He's too young to decide what he likes
• Face claim (no anime) •
Marcel Ruiz (above)
• Personality •
Liam is very shy and sweet. He is also patient, remaining calm when the guards reacts aggressively towards him. Liam is shy, smart, ambitious, caring, studious, wise, mature, and well-behaved. He goes through great lengths to be there for his loved ones. He can sometimes be too nice that other people take advantage of him.
• Powers •
• Habits •
He can be a bit anxious at times so he'll bit his nails and he'll fidget with his hands when he's anxious
• Were they sent to the camp or found by the government •
Sent to the camp
• Family members •
Brooke Young (older sister) (16)
Mariana Young (mother) (46)
Steph Young (mother) (48)
• Backstory •
He grew up with two mothers and an older sister. While growing up, Brooke taught him to be careful around police, they were Hispanic and grew up in a pretty racist part of town. Brooke naively just wanted her brother to not get bullied but Liam was the type of boy who would be friends with everyone, just like his sister. He saw his older sister hanging out with any type of person despite their color or how much money they had and so he did the same. He was a pretty happy boy and loved by his mothers but they got scared when they walked in on Liam using his telekinesis powers on his sister, they sent them both to the hospital, thinking they would help them but instead the nurses tricked his parents and sent them away to the camp. Their parents didn't want to send them away, they were tricked. Only Brooke knows this though, so poor Liam thinks his mothers hate him.
• Health (mental illness or physical) •
He'll have nightmares about what the guards would do to him, he'll wake up crying and trashing.
• Other •
He was adopted from his biological parents who were to young to take care of them.

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