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Lizzie's POV

Santana's Place

"How long has this been going on" Santana asked me as she helped clean my wounds and I think back to when it all started and honestly I can't remember.

"I can't remember it been a long time" I tell her "what does Quinn do about it or even your mum" she asked and I scoffed.

"Quinn causes it half the time, she's the perfect daughter and I'm just the pathetic disappointment" I tell her putting my head down.

I feel a finger under my chin and my head being lifted up "you're nothing like that ok, I don't want to hear you say that ever again alright" she tells me and I nod.

"Alright your all cleaned us" she tells me and I nod getting off the counter grabbing my bag "what are you doing?" she asked me and I look to her "going back home" I say confused.

"What no, you're not going back there no way" Santana tells me and I sigh "I have to" I tell her and she shakes her head "no you don't and you won't, you can stay here my parents are bearly here since they are always on business trips so they won't care" she tells me.

"Santana- " I say going to protest but she cuts me off "no, just say yes please I don't want you going back there" she tells me standing close me and all I can do it nod as she brings me into a hug and I break down.

"It's ok, just let it out" she tells me as I do and she leads us both to her bed lying down as I cuddle into her falling asleep. 

The Next Day

Santana helped me cover up the bruise on my eye and gave me a lift to school on which was filled with a comfortable silence.

"You know you can let me out a block before the school right" I tell her and she looks over to me confused "why would I do that" she asked me.

"Well cause you're popular and I'm me" I tell her and she scoffs "listen I don't care plus it's not like you're a loser so it's fine" Santana says "thanks, I think" I tell her.

"Quinn will kill you though" I tell her and I see her hands on the wheel tighten "I don't care, I'll kill her first especially for what she did you" Santana says and I remove once of her hands of the wheel holding it in my lap.

I can feel her automatically relax and I smile at the effect I have on her "regardless I'll see you in glee club today" I tell her and she nods "also you're coming home with me again" Santana tells me and I nod.

"I don't want to go back home so" I tell her and she nods "good because until it is safe, I don't want you going back there either" Santana tells me and I nod "plus it's an excuse to give us more time for sweet lady kisses" she tells me and I laugh.

When we get to school Santana and I enter together and aside from a few whispers it was fine and we go our separate ways.

Later On During The Day

We were in glee club and Mr Schue was teaching us a bunch of dance moves and they weren't the best but they weren't bad either.

"Five, six, seven, eight, step and step, step and step and turn it around down and up and hit, hit down hit" Mr Schue says as we follow doing so "can we stop, please?" Rachel says causing us to stop.

"You don't have to ask me every time for permission to go to the bathroom, Rachel you can just go" Mr Schue says making me chuckle "it's not my bladder it's the choreography" Rachel says and Finn and I trade a confused look.

"Okay, what's wrong with the choreography?" Mr Schue asked her "it sucks" Rachel replies harshly.

"We can't compete with vocal adrenaline with these steps you're a great vocal coach, Mr Shue, But you're not a trained choreographer that's what we need to be the best we need Dakota Stanley" Rachel says and I just disagree but you could tell Mr Schue was hurt.

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