Chapter 32

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Rose's pov

I walked back into the pack house and went straight to my office to complete my remaining work. I also saw to it that all the children had their dinner and they were sleeping. Many wolves were outside patrolling as the pack was on a high alert right now. We were also in a regular contact with jake and Belle because as our allies there was a huge chance that they could be attacked as well so they had to be prepared.

While heading towards my room I saw Alexander standing near a huge window overlooking the pack. Worry was all over his face. He did not look tired but simply distressesed. He was working and training twice more than anyone in the pack. I walked towards him and kept a hand on his shoulder. When I touched him he closed his eyes instantly relaxing and taking a deep breath. I knew that he could sense me behind him already and as his nate me being near him made him feel relaxed and at peace.

'Sometimes rose, I wish this could all be over already and things will be back to normal.' He said turning around and looking at me. He took my hand from his shoulder in his and held onto it tightly. Without saying anything he just kept on looking at me as if he was drinking in my features and he could never get enough. I felt he was looking more at my soul. 'I love you, Rose.' He said suddenly. 'Just  wanted to get it off my chest.' was all he said letting go of my hand. 'I don't expect an answer from you. Never did anyway. Just wanted to let you know.' He said while he took a strand of my hair and tucked it behind my ear while lokking at me with a genuine smile on his face which was rare these days. I could see that he was still in his fighting gear. I wanted to say something when he suddenly froze. My luna senses started ringing alarms as well.

'Rogues' we both said together. 'Everyone wake up.' He commanded everyone in his alpha voice while mind linking everyone outside the pack house. Before turning around to leave he looked at me and said, 'Rose.'
'I know, good luck' I replied back in a small quiet  voice and giving me one last nod he left putting the pack house on a lock down. Now I was responsible for the safety of each and every child and pack member over here.

'Moon goddess please let mate and other pack members be safe.' me and lily prayed together when we heard loud howls erupting outside knowing the war had started.

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