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" he's mine only mine "

kim seokjin
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seokjin covered his eyes as a bright light stirred him up from a deep sleep. he groaned feeling his back tighten against the ground, his body sore, teeth aching, and a metallic taste lingering in his mouth.

a harsh cough makes him sit up in an instant, eyes shooting open as he spits out blood. he gazed down at the bloodstained patch on the ground. seokjin slowly brought a thumb up to his lips and swiping at it. as he lowers his hand, he looks down at it, observing the dark, thick, red that coated his finger.

seokjin just sat and stared for some while, until a bird started singing in the distance, his ears rang harshly, making him look around the field he sat in for the first time.

body after body lay lifeless on the ground, fully drained of their blood. seokjin jumped back in surprise, bumping into another lifeless body behind him. his body froze, looking at the man and looking at himself, drenched and covered in red.

he stood up and took another look around, growing nervous seeing not even one person move from their spot. all of them dead.

except for one, laughing as he approached seokjin.

"beautiful." he smiled proudly, stepping over a man, "you're perfect."

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