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(third person pov)

"Babe," Grayson said, following his wife around the room as she shoved stuff into her purse. "Just take her with you, I have to go," He pleaded. Y/N shook her head and sighed.

"I've got errands to run while she's in class, and I can't have Everly with me, I won't get anything done," Y/N said, patting her husband's shoulder as she walked by him. "And Claire won't let me leave Ev with her, it just doesn't work," Y/N explained to him for the thousandth time. Grayson groaned.

"I was on a grind," He explained. "I was going every day- I have to go today," He said. Y/N looked up from her wallet and sighed.

"Then take her with you," Y/N said. Grayson raised his eyebrows. "Take her to the gym with you," She said, stuffing her credit card in.

"Wh-" But he was cut off as the 3-year-old came running into the room.

"Mommy!" She yelled, running towards her parents. Y/N smiled at Grayson before looking down at her daughter.

"What's up Ev?" She asked. Everly looked between her mom and dad before raising her arms up at Grayson. Grayson picked her up and sighed.

"Everly come too?" She asked Y/N. Y/N smiled, knowing she wanted her to come to her sister's ballet practice. "Everly go with Claire?" She asked Grayson. Grayson shook his head as she frowned.

"You get to come to the gym with Daddy," He said to her. Everly's eyes lit up and she began to clap. Grayson chuckled as y/n walked over to their closet.

"Well, if you're going to the gym," Y/N paused as she dug through her closet that had no become the girls'. "You can wear this," She said, pulling out an outfit.

Grayson frowned as y/n laid it on the bed and grinned up at him. Y/N pulled Everly from him and stood her on the bed so she could dressed. "That's like, nothing," Grayson said staring at the little sports bra and leggings. Y/N smiled, helping Everly into her outfit.

"She looks adorable," Y/N stated, looking at her little three-year-old, ready to go to the gym. Grayson frowned. "Oh calm down, she looks perfectly fine," Y/N said with an eye roll, putting the little girl on the floor. Grayson sighed.

"Okay fine, fine," Grayson said, picking her up. Everly was giggling all over again when she was moved to her daddy's dresser as he combed out his hair. Her eyes caught sight of a few sweatbands, washed and thrown into a drawer when he opened it.

"Headband for Everly?" She asked him with a smile. Grayson smiled, grabbing two.

"You want one too, angel?" He asked, holding it up. She nodded and Grayson chuckled, putting it on her. "There we go," He said, putting his own on. Everly looked in the mirror and grinned.

"You guys gonna head out?" Y/N asked, throwing her purse over her shoulder. Grayson nodded, sticking his phone, keys, and wallet into his pockets.

The three of them made their way downstairs where Claire was already waiting to leave. "We're gonna be late mommy!" She shouted, jumping up and down. Grayson chuckled and handed her the ballet bag she was always forgetting. "Oops, thank you," She said politely as her dad handed her the bag. Grayson shook his head, kissing her on the forehead.

"Gym!" Everly shouted. Grayson nodded, sitting on the couch next to the front door to help Everly into her little pink Nikes. "Daddy put on shoes?" She asked. Grayson nodded, pulling on his own as she watched him.

"Okay, we'll see you guys later?" Y/N asked as they opened the door. She leaned down to kiss Everly on the head and Grayson on the lips. Everly waved at her sister and smiled.

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