100% Perfect Ch.3

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100% Perfect

*Five Years Later

“Hide.” I whispered to thirteen year old Bailey. Instantly she climbed gracefully out of the window, much like a ballerina. I watched as she slipped under the roof of the house and held my breath. Please, oh please don’t let them see her. I leaned out of the window to see Bailey sliding into the small pond outside of the house. The last thing I saw was her wispy blonde hair go under when the door was beat on repeatedly.

“Miss Davis, we need you to open the door NOW!” I jumped. If they found her…they would take her. Just because she was perfect did not mean she couldn’t die. I paced. The door was hit again and again. In the last few years, the government had decided Bailey was too powerful and strong to be kept with “normal” humans. Exact words were, “Specimen 422’s experiment in human captivity had been completed at age ten, but for the sake of her education we continued to keep her there. Now she is too powerful to be kept with the general population, and surely a safety hazard. Removal and containment of the specimen will be handled and compensation will be given, Miss Davis. Thank you.” Yes, like I would totally give up the daughter I cared for since I was twenty-two. Because that’s totally what any mother would do. No, when they took her I returned to the lab. I found her. I took her. “Kidnapping” they called it. No, that’s what they did to her. And surely they’ll do it again.

I opened the door to see a man in a suit with dark shades over his eyes, even though it was well into the night. “Where is she?” He demanded. I did not say. This house, it held none of our belongings. We left them behind when we decided to run. Bailey would be most likely used as a super weapon, for her powers had long since grown to more than breathing underwater and talking to Jasper. “WHERE IS SHE?” He shouted at my face. I stood my ground. He called in several of his other men to search the home. They found nothing. “You’re coming with us.” He said, fury in his dark, shaded eyes. “Can I pee first? It’s a three hour drive.”

I quickly scribbled a note down onto the toilet paper.

Bailey, I love you honey. Do not come after me. Run fast to Gordon’s spot in the woods.


Silently, I folded then tucked the small white square under the makeshift toothbrush holder of a wooden cup. Nothing personal about it. Bailey and I had long ago made a system of what would happen if they took me or her. We would ask to use the restroom. If they let us, we would take the pen out of the toilet’s box and scribe a note. And run. I shuffled over to the toilet and quickly urinated. Then, I flushed and left the bathroom, possibly forever.

Bailey’s POV

“The bathroom runs to the pond” I repeated to myself mentally. My long blonde hair floated around my head in the disgusting brownish green pond. Really? I was hiding in a SEWAGE pond? Lovely. Absolutely lovely. I gagged, and then remembered the water would flow right back into my mouth so I swallowed. Bile rose in my throat. Oh David, what you would give to see me now. I mentally laughed. David. Love of my life. Blah blah blah. Etcetera. He made a fool of me. Like I should care. Suddenly, bubbles floated from the pipe leading from the pond. “Wait six minutes.” I said mentally. Because I can completely handle six more minutes of water congested with diarrhea and eight year old pee. Another gag came, but this time it didn’t matter. A small amount of barf came out with it. I coughed out the crap-water and closed my mouth. Six minutes passed in agony, and I rose to the surface.

Stephanie’s POV

The car ride went by slowly. I couldn’t see much, considering the car was filled with black leather and the night sky didn’t appear to have a moon, or bright stars for that matter. Funny. They say when you live out in the boonies the stars are brighter than in the city. Oh well. Like the stars could POSSIBLY make a difference now. “Tell us where she is.” A black man in the front of the SUV said. Oh please, don’t tell me the next three hours will consist of interrogations and deadly silence. “No.” I heard the click of a gun. “Tell us where she is.” The man repeated. “What kind of government agency is this? TOD? Talk or die? Sorry, I much prefer silence.” I said. “This isn’t part of the American government.” Said a man in a South African accent My eyes went wide. Great. Now I was probably getting kidnapped by the African’s government so they can use my daughter to kill the rest of the world. “So what is it?” I asked. But I did not find out. Instead I heard the screeching of tires, the pounding of one large vehicle hitting another, and the feeling of getting smashed against window by a 280 pound man.

I opened my eyes to find myself in a ditch with Bailey huddled beside me, holding her finger over her lips in the ‘shush’ sign. “Zimbabwean.” She said telepathically. Oh, right. Forgot to mention that. Last year she began to speak with humans silently too. I nodded and gulped as I stared at the crushed car on the road. “Did you do that?” I whispered as I saw a semi driver walking around the crushed car in hysterics, attempting to save the only surviving agent in the wreck. She nodded. “I convinced him to drive into the wrong lane and swerve, even though mind control isn’t a power. The voice in his head is though.” I sighed and gave her the ‘I’ll talk to you later’ look. For now we needed to get out of this mess. I heard police sirens. Perhaps enough noise Bailey and I to escape? No, too much light was shining in our direction from the Semi’s headlights. “Sleep.” Bailey said mentally. I shook my head and told her to do so. “No. I have to get the cops to go.” I sighed quietly, then huddled into the smallest ball possible and shut my eyes.

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