Drew Imagine: "I've missed you more"

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You were at your apartment, that you shared with your boyfriend, Drew. It has been exactly two months since he left to go on the x-factor. You missed him so much, everything was so different without him. You were on the computer watching his audition for the x-factor, he auditioned with his band, Emblem 3. You were so concentrated on his audition that you barely heard when someone knocked on the door. “Who can this be?”, you thought to yourself. You slowly opened the door, and you see Drew standing there, looking perfect. "Babe!", You yelled before you hugged him tightly. "Dakota, I've missed you so much.", He said returning the hug. "I've missed you more", You said before kissing him. You spend the rest of the time cuddling on the sofa, watching your favorite movie. 

-First Imagine, don't hate! Tell me what you think? Oh and just a random shirtless pic of Drew there. ;)-  

If you guys like Our2ndLife, my friend is writing a Connor Franta fanfiction. Link is in the external link. (: 

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