Feelings Emerge

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This was a pretty long wait for this chapter, but I've been rereading some parts of the book and have found LOTS of grammatical errors, story errors, and continuity errors. I'm gonna go back and fix everything up so it's much more clean and actually good, but I'm not going to change anything story wise so no need to reread the chapters. I still need to fix up chapter 7 for the new people as well. I'd expect at least another week for the next update and at most another 2 weeks. Thanks for the patience and continuous support all. I love you guys!


"I can't believe it..." Ruby sunk in her seat as
they sat in class. "I can't believe we failed to do our mission and get Y/N back. Pyrrha was so close too!"

"It's not ours or JNPR's fault that we did not achieve the result we wanted." Weiss said as she crossed her arms. "If that conniving cat wouldn't have run from Pyrrha he would be back here pestering me again."

"I gotta be honest, I miss his snark." Jaune piped up as he rolled his pencil in his hand. He laughed a bit as he mumbled. Pyrrha smiled as Nora was passed out and drooling on her shoulder. Ren had no emotion as he continued writing down what Goodwitch was saying. Yang and Blake simply listened in as they were both as equally downtrodden.

"At least he's alive." Pyrrha said. "He may have eluded us, but at least now we can confirm he is alive and well."

"Is that a good or bad thing though?" Weiss said as everyone glared at her. She coughed into her hand as she hurried to save herself. "W-What I mean is that he killed more than just two corrupt Atlas soldiers. The fact Pyrrha is alive is a miracle."

"Weiss, he SAVED her from YOUR people." Blake said with an annoyed tone, but a normal voice. "My brother may be a criminal, but he's never killed innocents."

"Yes the pile of corpses comprised of soldiers and police officers is a testament to that." Weiss mumbled as she huffed. "Look, we need to be in tip top shape for the Vytal Festival coming up. We have to plan a dance for the entire school with CFVY and we've done nothing but mope around as of now. We should take solace in the fact that Y/N is even alive at this point and if, and that's a big if, he comes back we should treat him to a party he shall never forget."

"Basically, we should make the dance thick and bodacious to make sure Y/N has a good fuck?" Ruby said innocently as everyone around her just stared with wide eyes. Yang snapped out of her mope as she grabbed Ruby by the shoulders.

"RUBY! WHERE DID YOU LEARN THOSE WORDS!?" Yang said shaking Ruby. Everyone continued staring with a wide eyes as vein popped out of Goodwitch's head. She narrowed her eyes at RWBY as she coughed into her hand loudly.

"W-What do you mean?!" Ruby said with swirls in her eyes. "Y/N told me to read the book under Blake's bed and look up all the words that you've said that you thought I didn't hear!"

Yang froze as her eyes closed and she stopped shaking. Everyone slowly scooted away from her as she exploded in flames.

"Y/N IS GONNA WISH HE COULD DIE IF HE COMES BACK HERE!" Yang roared as Blake just stared with wide eyes.

"Y-You took my book!?" Blake said angered. "Dammit Y/N!!"

"Did Ruby just swear..." Jaune said broken as Weiss sighed in annoyance.

"Idiots...my teammates are idiots..." Weiss slammed her head into the table as everyone else just stared at the two teams.

"CHILDREN! Would you all please be quiet in the classroom!" Goodwitch slammed her riding crop onto the desk as she fumed.

"Sorry Ms. Goodwitch." The teams echoed as they slumped in their seats. Goodwitch puffed her hair out of her eyes as she fixed it before walking back to the front and opening a book on her desk. She continued the lesson as the class all settled back in.

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