His forgiveness

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Persephone's POV

Death is an irony....sometimes a curse, an agony, it's impact strong enough to wreck hearts, but when the visionary alters Death is a grace, a blessing, a boon. The ultimate liberation of undecipherable anguish of soul.

My Hades was never a killer but he sure was a liberator, a King. My father told me how he lived like a chained animal...without a conscience, an empty vessel.

The moon goddess had power over life, the ultimate command over werewolves, she corrupted my father's soul....so if she can't kill me, my own father will.

The thing about this world is that every coin has two faces.....where life ends, the dance of death begins.

My father is no longer alive, he is dead, there is no heart beating, no blood thrumming but what is remaining is his journey in the underworld.

After his torment was over he was given the honour of becoming a general. His loyality....even though it was towards Selene paid off but miraculously in different way.

Venom- I had never experienced such strong hatred for anyone as I was experiencing for Selene...I could crush her skull beneath my feet and I won't feel any remorse.

My father had left minutes ago, promising to return soon but had to be going to fulfil his duty, nevertheless I saw peace on his face, content in his voice....he was happy.

He asked me about Hades and my relationship...and it was safe to say that he was kind of happy to hear my love for my mate.

Now that he was gone I felt like a bitch, threatening myself with Athela was a low blow, it was so insensitive of me.

What if he hates me? I deserve everything he gives me and I will take it but I can't live without him.

I swiftly knocked the door of his chamber but no one replied. I peeked inside only to see the bathroom door open and sound of water running coming from inside.

My feet moved on their own accord as I saw his back glistening with droplets of water falling down tracing his body.

The water falling on the floor was....red.

"H-HADES!" I ran inside completely hysterical as I saw blood on his hands, taking his arm I looked at his knuckles...they were bruised, all my fault...I was such a failure.

He snapped his hand of my hold as if my touch have burned him.

"Get out." He replied without looking at me...not even a glance.

"Hades I-I am so sorry, just- p-please Hades...look at me." My eyes glistened with tears as a lump formed in my throat. I deserve this.

But instead of looking he turned his back to me trying to walk out.

"Hades please." I whispered feeling helpless, I hugged his torso from behind.

"Hades I would do anything, j-just-"

"Anything?" I nodded furiously to which he looked down at my tear streamed face, his jaw clenching.

He dragged me to the room, standing in front of his armour holding out Zerion.

"Hold it" I held the sword in my hand, as Hades brought the tip to his chest.

"Push it right at my heart because it would be less agonizing than what you have done ." I threw the sword clutching onto him for my dear life. I will kill myself before harming him.

Tears streamed down my face as sobs racked my body as I cried into his chest.

"I-I am s-so sorry Hades, i-i love you so damn much, I was desperate and I-I am stupid-." I rambled on without thinking. His eyes were filled with so much pain.

I made his heart cry and that broke my heart.

"Don't ever, ever try to harm yourself Persephone, you have me...kill me but not you. Don't cry ever my beautiful goddess, these eyes are too precious for that."

I kissed his neck in a chaste kiss.

"I promise I would never pull that pathetic stunt again. I wasn't thinking straight."

"No one in their right mind would Persephone but I..I got scared....for the first time in life I was afraid...of losing you."

"You are my obsession Hades, I can't even think straight without you." I sighed.

"I am sorry Persephone, there are things which should best be hidden but I was so content... honoured even,  that your trust didn't wavered, anybody else would have assumed."

"Your love strengthens me Hades and your love has taught me that no matter what you would never lie to me."


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