A new start

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The alarm goes off and Marinette gets up, dragging herself and sitting on the floor by the bed for a few seconds. It was Monday, 8:30 am, the first day of college, and she had 30 minutes to get ready; couldn't be late on the first day. She got up and walked to the bathroom, closing the door behind her, already taking off her pajamas.

The little pink kwami ​​walks through the door, muttering a good morning while rubbing her little eyes. The girl sighed. Had she only slept for 3 hours due to an akuma attack? Yes, but by then she was used to never sleep more than two hours. That day had been, as surprising as it was, a miracle.

She stepped under the shower, turning on the cold water and leaning her forehead against the wall in front of her, sighing. Marinette closed her eyes and felt her body being awakened by the icy water that ran to the floor of the shower.

Anxiety began to overtake her as she remembered what she would face in a few minutes. The girl ran her hands through her wet hair. She would have to face the university. It couldn't be a big deal, right? Surely facing villains was harder. She got out of the shower, brushed her teeth and got dressed.

Upon arriving in the kitchen, a good smell of butter croissants invaded her sense of smell. Tom and Sabine were sitting at the other end of the table with a huge proud smile on their face.

"Good morning, Marinette." Sabine greets, bringing the cup of tea to her mouth.

"Good Morning." She tried to look as cheerful as possible as she got between her parents, kissing them on the cheeks. "It looks delicious."

"Ready to rock the university?" Tom asked with a smile from ear to ear.

She just laughed and sat in the chair facing Tom, picking up the butter croissant and barring it with strawberry jam.

Once again, she says goodbye to her parents with a quick kiss and leaves the bakery getting into her modest car. She held the wheel firmly in both hands before turning the key, taking deep breaths.

The trip was slightly long and she ended up parking a little away from campus because there was no more space available. Marinette picked up her bag, where the hidden kwami ​​was, hugged the pink notebook to her chest, and walked toward the campus gate. The girl took a deep breath for the thousandth time that day and made sure to step with her right foot on the other side of the gate. Some students were already there, sitting on the grass or on benches, talking animatedly to each other as if they had known each other for years, and for a moment Marinette felt isolated in this new world. She looked around for the facade of the Department of Fashion.

She felt her breath get stuck as two hands covered her vision, followed by a giggle that soon relaxed her.

With a kind smile on her face, she removed the hands from her face and turned around, hugging her friend.

"Alya, thank God!"

Alya hugs her back.

"First day and already all this panic? It could only be you, Marinette. I smelled your anxiety from the parking lot." She laughs and breaks the hug. "You've been missing most summer vacation, girl! I miss you!" She walked with Marinette, exploring the campus.

Marinette looks at Alya and smiles. Her friend looked so much more mature than she was. Her hair still dyed the same way, but with a slightly different cut was enough to change her features to someone older. She was dressed in one of her usual jeans, white sneakers, and a formal red shirt under a white shirt that was marked on her body.

 "Oh, don't overdo it ..." she whispers, turning her face to the side.

"I thought I would see you super excited." Alya continues, not noticing her friend's gesture. "After all, you realized your dream and will become a fashion designer."

 "I am! It's just... this is huge. What if I get lost and miss every class? What if I can't find the canteen and don't eat all day? What if there's a new Chloe here to turn my life into hell?"

"Wow... I see your dramatic side didn't go away during the summer holidays."

Marinette laughs nervously, putting a hand on the back of her neck.

"Did you get into journalism?" She tried to change the subject.

"Do you doubt it?!" Alya puts her arm around her friend's neck. "It's my natural talent. Look at the LadyBlog"

They arrived at the door of the Fashion Department without even noticing it. They talked for a while until Alya saw Alix (who was in sports, whose department was on the side of Journalism) and they said goodbye.

Marinette entered the main hallway and felt some people's gaze on her, making her heart beat faster.

The first class was Fashion History and, miraculously, she found the room without much difficulty. She goes to the central places and sits down, opening her notebook quickly and pulling out a pen. The first half-hour was just introductions, so she took the opportunity to draw some ideas that came to her mind.

After lunch and the Trend Research class, it was time for the Color and Texture class. She was walking into the classroom while texting her grandmother, Gina, on her cell phone when she bumped into something. She heard her cell phone fall to the floor and felt two hands grip her waist. Ready to apologize, she looked up and the world slowed when she saw her high school crush right in front of her with a guilty face.

"Err..." It was the only sound Marinette could make when Adrien released her waist.

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