Chapter Three - The Introduction

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I stood outside the doors to Gordon's apartment in my green "airy" summer dress, still being the lightest clothing I could find. The material could double as lingerie for all the skin that it showed, but I wasn't about to put on any more clothes in this heat. The summer was almost gone but the days still proved too hot to live without air conditioning.

I knocked.

I waited to hear a reply or acknowledgement of my knock but none came. I knocked again.

It felt like it had been eight minutes since I was standing outside his door before I realized he must not be in. I had resolved to slump it on the front steps with a book while I waited on my sex god neighbour when he burst through the front door nearly knocking me back into his.

"Hey," he breathed, slightly out of breath.

"Hi." It was all I could say.

He was wearing a black shirt with his usual black jacket, black jeans, and combat boots. He looked every bit like the bad boy next door from a tv show. I wondered briefly if he was an actor, he certainly had the looks and attitude for it.

"What's going on?" He queried lightly as he closed the main door behind him, bringing me from my thoughts.

"Oh," I was now immediately aware of my lack of clothing in the small space of the foyer. I ran my hand through my blonde curls nervously as I answered him. "My uh-, my air isn't working."

His permanent smirk appeared on his face as his eyes ran me over. I blushed profusely as I saw the heat I felt in my stomach flash in his eyes. There was still no such thing as electricity between us. But there was definitely an attraction.

"Did you pay your bills?" He queried as he fished inside his pockets for his apartment key, revealing his taut biceps through his jacket, which only proved how much he worked out.


"Okay," he ran his hand through his cropped hair, his shirt rising just a bit so that I can see the thin line of hair on his stomach. "Well I can call the repair guy, his number should be in a drawer somewhere."

He now moved closer to me. I jumped nervously out of the way before I realized he was just going around me to open his door.

"You wanna come in?" He smiled knowingly as he held the door open for me.

No, don't go in.
But... he has air.

I wrestled with my inner self for about 14 seconds before I stepped into Gordon, the Sex God's apartment. He closed the door behind me as I muttered my thanks and stood awkwardly by his coat hanger.

"You can sit on the sofa." He instructed, his arms motioning for me to go further into his space, as he shrugged off his heavy leather jacket. How can he even wear that thing in this heat?

So, I did. I was slightly amazed at the layout of his apartment. The only similarity it bore to mine was the dark oak floors. Everything else was different.

His walls were white where mine was cream, his furniture was black where mine was brown, he had a grey sheepskin rug on the floor, I had bare floors.

"Nice place," I complimented as a sat on the edge of his enormous L-shaped sofa.

"Are we back to being courteous?" His permanent cockiness seeped through his pores and under my skin, my eyes rolling in response.

"I was just stating the obvious," Jackass. I thought it but fought very hard not to say it.

"Can I get you something to quench your thirst? You look... hot." I blushed at his not so subtle pun and nodded as he offered me a bottle of sparkling water. I gulped it down so fast anyone would think that I not only didn't have air in my own apartment but that I was starving too.

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