You Can't Win for Trying Part 3

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" Now lets welcome, Prince Connor!"

Well, I guess that was my cue.

All the girls started to cheer, but didn't move out of their place in line.

I told Oberon to walk on.

Didn't budge, I think he could feel the distain that Juno had for me.

I told him once again.

" C'mon you stupid horse!"

Still, nothing.

I gave him a big kick, he reared and ran forward. I was slipping off the side as I struggled to hold on. As I was doing so, he came to a halt that nearly threw me off.

"The great Prince Connor!" She announced before bursting into uncontrollable hysterics, while the other girls were clapping, telling me how wonderful my entrance was.

"Shut up, Juno" I muttered to myself before I took my seat at the table.

Juno P.O.V

I couldn't keep a straight face, It was all that I expected and more, and hilarious to top it all off.

I took Oberon and tied him up to a post near the table beside me.

"Okay ..... ladies, back up just a bit " I directed.

"First up, Lady Josephine"

She was pretty, tall and skinny. Typical palace lady.

"Hello, I'm Lady Josephine."

"Why do you thing you would make a good wife and queen?" I asked.

"Well, I'm pretty, skinny, uh, did I mention pretty?"

I looked to my right, at Connor, he lost complete interest. I didn't blame him.

Definitely a no.

"Next!" I yelled.

The second interview went a little better, they third was odd.

But the fourth, the fourth.

As soon as she walked forward, I saw Connor's head snap up.

This girl; was unbelievably beautiful, tall, slim, and had a gorgeous smile.

Connor decided to do the interview for her.

"Lady Laya?"

" Yes, I'm Lady Laya, but you can call me Laya." She said in her perfect sing-song voice.

"Ok, Laya, Why do you think you would make a good wife and a exceptional queen?"

"I would make an exceptional queen because I work hard and focus on my studies, and I think I have many good qualities to offer to you and the kingdom of Camelot."

I sat there, my mouth hanging open. I looked to the side, and the prince had on the same expression.

"Good grief" I muttered under my breath.

" Well, thank you Laya, it was a pleasure to speak to you, I'll make sure that we meet up again sometime." H e managed to spit out.

Meanwhile, I was speechless.

" Everyone, disperse for a while, but be back when the sundial reaches II.

"Well" I started "That was partially successful."

"Yeah, I really liked her."

" She seemed decent, why don't you go and talk to her?"

" I will"

He walked off.

I was slouching in my seat, watching them, and thinking.

Was I too short? Was I not pretty enough? Was I too opinionated? I felt like dirt when I looked at Lady Laya, she was perfect.

Suddenly, someone tapped me on the shoulder, I turned my head around to my left, and then to my right, then the pair of hands covered my eyes.

" Mitch?"

" You got it!"

I laughed. I have always loves Mitch, as a friend of course. I was always beating him in jousting tournaments, and I always rubbed it in his face.

He was also gorgeous, but that's another story.

"So... what are you doing here? It's a beautiful day; I thought you would be out on Oberon."

He asked cheerfully.

"Instead, I'm trying to find our prince a "suitable wife" as he puts it"

Mitch looked at me funny for a second, then fell to the floor, holding his sides, howling with laughter.

A couple moments later, I spotted my best fried Dakota walking by.

" Hey Doc, come over here!" I called "You busy?" I asked.

"Not at all." She replied "What's wrong with him?" She pointed at Mitch, still rolling around on the ground.

" I told him that I was helping Connor find a 'suitable wife'"

Doc fell to the floor, she had trouble breathing because of her laughter.

What's with all this commotion? I can here you from over there!" Connor shouted.

"I told them you are looking for a wife."

Then I realized why there were laughing, and soon enough, I was joining Dakota and Mitchell, clutching my sides.

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