Chapter 8: The Nemesis

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Normal POV (But still kinda focuses on Cecilia)

Cecilia immediately released her grip on the car seat and got into a normal sitting position. Laserbeak transformed into a laptop beside her. She picked him up and held him close near her.

"Don't move." Was the order from the red mech.

The usual sounds of transformation were heard. Except this time was louder. She stayed as still as she can and watched in awe as metal platings changed and gears shifted. The next moment found herself sitting on the palm of a big robot.

She blinked.

This is so cool.

She looked around and saw that the place she was in is big, huge actually. All she sees is purple and other robots with the same shapes, color, and red visor. Were they drones?

She was brought to what looked like a command room with a few more giant robots. The red mech stopped before a gunmetal grey colored one who was taller than the rest with red optics and sharp edges on his form.

Once she caught his gaze, she couldn't help but look away. She hugged herself and tried her best not to shiver in fear. The quiet and dark atmosphere made it hard to do so.

Her necklace gave a pulse and glowed dark purple. She raised a hand and enclosed it in, covering it from view.

On the right side of the metal throne was another robot with also grey color with a few red stripes here and there. He had wings and... Hold up. Once she got a look at his feet she blinked a few times.

Were those high heels?!

Even if they sort of resemble them. There are some differences. She cracked a tiny smile. This mech is interesting.

On the other side of the grey mech was a thin purple one with a visor covering his face. If he has a face. His visor was facing her but she wasn't sure if he was looking at her. He reminds her of a character named Slenderman. She looked up at her captor. Knockout was talking to the large grey one. They didn't seem to be paying attention to her.

She turned her head to the purple mech. Laserbeak, who had been quiet this whole time transformed and flew onto the shoulder of the purple mech. She felt kinda sad at him leaving her. She got used to him being around her that he practically became family. But his real home was here.

When she looked at the visor of the mech she gave a noise of surprise when she saw her face displayed on the screen. He must have taken it just now.

The hand she was on moved and she tried her best to stay still as he told her to. She was passed on to the hands of the purple mech.

"You will be in charge of her for the time being. Make sure she doesn't offline herself or try to escape." the grey mech ordered with a deep voice.

He gave the girl a sort of evil smirk. Showing off his sharp teeth to her terrified and confused face. "Though I doubt she would be able to."

Giving Cecilia one last gaze, he looked at the purple mech. "Don't fail me, Soundwave."

The mech gave a sharp nod. He spoke in a bland monotonous voice. "Yes, Lord Megatron."

"You are dismissed. Knockout, Starscream, a word."

The purple mech, Soundwave, carried her to his room. He stopped at his door and typed in the code with his other hand. Once the doors slid open he stepped inside. His berthroom was quite large for a human being. It consists of a berth, a desk and chair, a small energon dispenser, and some stacks of datapads.

He placed the human on his desk and took an empty datapad from its shelf. He placed the device next to her. Laserbeak flew from his spot on his shoulder and landed comfortably in her lap.

"Order: Human will use datapad for entertainment. Do not exit the room.
Rumble, Frenzy, Ravage, Buzzsaw: Eject."

His chestplates opened and three cube-like objects transformed out from their places. Soon, two small robots and a big metal jaguar stood in front of her. A piece detached from Soundwave's back armor transformed into a small robotic bat.

"Mission: Guard the human."

One of the small robots gave a lazy salute while the other nods. "Ya got it, boss!" "Sure."

The jaguar gave a low growl and lay on its side on the berth, optics watching the human. The bat gave a happy squeak, flapping its wings and lands beside the girl.

Soundwave stood there for a moment before giving a nod and walked out of the room. The doors slid closed behind him. When he left, the jaguar laid its head on its paws but it's gaze never left the human. It's tail swishing side to side behind it. It was as big as a car.

The bat hopped over and let its wings droop across her lap. She allowed the little thing to do so. It looked so tiny and precious. It was the size of her head, a bit larger. It looked at the metal bird that was sitting quietly in her lap.

"So..." one of the robots, the purple and grey one trailed off. His frame was exactly the same as the other one, only different color schemes. They were both a few inches taller than her. The red and black one continued.

"What's your name human?"

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