Chapter 31(Ark 3, The Magical Diamond)

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Sirikit is not in the best situation to say the least. 

She is surrounded by a gang of pirates, all hell bent on doing something with her. 

She makes another run for it, but is grabbed by Ash and Red, both restraining her. 

Alaavia: Throw her into the sea you two!

Alaavia, now close to Mao is hiding behind his leg, not wanting to see the woman. Red and Ash holds Sirikit by her arms tightly, refusing her any escape chance. 

Rosa: Why would you even dare to try and take her with you?

Nate: That doesn't matter now Rosa, you two, bind her. She will be bait for The Khan of the jungle. 

Sirikit's eyes grow in shock as both Ash and Red push her onto a pole and begins binding her to it with ropes. Nate watches her with a smirk apparent, luck is on his side. Rosa looks on him with begging eyes. 

Nate: what is it Rosa?

Rosa: Nate, can't i just please interrogate her? i want to know more!

Now she is holding onto his hand like an obsessive child begging a parent for candy. Nate doesn't show it, but a blush is apparent on his left cheek. Leaf sees it and begins laughing at him.

Nate: ehm. 

Rosa: Please!

Before she gets an answer however, they hear sounds from the jungle. Two pair of steps are coming towards them. 

Leaf: Who is it?

Nate looks towards the entrance to the jungle on the right side, his look changes to a fighter's. He unsheats his sword, ready for action. Rosa drags up her flintlock pistol and readies it in case they have to fight. 

But the steps calm down, they're not running. When hearing the steps calm, Nate gets less suspicious and lowers his sword, still keeping it in his hand. 

Then just like a miracle, Ethan and Lyra exit the jungle, both out of breath but alive. Both of them become far more happy when seeing their captain here.

Ethan: Nate! You are finally here!

Nate sheats his sword in his belt and motions for the two to come closer.

Lyra: you won't believe the adventure we have been on.

Lyra is about to continue to tell him more, but he stops her.

Nate: It will have to wait you two. far bigger things are at stake here. 

Ethan raises his eyebrow at Nate and looks towards Ash and Red, both have finished tying Sirikit up and are guarding her. 

Ethan: Wait, you caught the crazy queen?!

Nate: Sure did, she came dressed as an indian princess and got caught in a scheme to take the girl from Mao. 

Lyra: Wait, is Alaavia safe?!

Lyra seems ready to slam a fist into Nate if he doesn't answer her, when seeing it Ethan places his hand on her shoulder to make her calm. Nate just seems amused at the fact. 

Nate: no need to burst Lyra, Al is fine with her uncle. 

Lyra steals a glance at Mao, and gets relieved when seeing that the girl is fine. 

Nate turns away from the two lovers to have a better look at Sirikit. 

Nate: Ash.

Ash: yes?

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