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I am in the basketball team. I was the best player too. (Sorry if you don't like basketball that's just the sport I'm using because I play it so I know more stuff about it). I noticed that there was this girl named Katie that always showed up at my games. She probably just wanted to support the team. But she was the only one that was always at the games. I don't know I just found it weird. I think she's just really into the game. I've talked to her a few times she's pretty nice.

Well today I had a game so we were warming up. The game before that I had sprained my ankle so I couldn't play because my coach wouldn't let me even though I said I was fine. So I got benched. But she still let me warm up with the team. So I did that.

I got bored just sitting there so I decided to go talk to that girl.

"Hey Katie" I said sitting down next to her. "Hey Y/n why aren't you playing". "Oh I sprained my ankle even though it feels fine the coach said I couldn't play". "That sucks your like the best one on the team". "I don't think I am". "Well I think you are".

"Can I ask you something" I said. "Sure". "Why are you at all of the games. It's not a bad thing I'm just curios". "I didn't know you noticed me. I never have anything to do after school so I come to the games. I like seeing you guys play". "Of course I notice you".

We talked for some more and she had to go to the bathroom. I wasn't really paying attention in that moment because my friend had the ball and I wanted to see her make the shot but I told Katie to be careful.

My friend was about to shoot the ball and I don't even know what happened but it flew in the air and right as Katie went under the basket the ball hit her. "Y/n go take her to the nurse" my coach yelled. I rushed over to her and picked her up. Then I carried her to the nurses office. I'm sure she could walk but I felt like carrying her.

"Ms.Gomez the ball hit her head I'm sure she's fine but can you check on her" I said to the nurse while placing Katie down on one of the beds. "Sure thing".

She walked over to her and checked her out. She was fine but she didn't want to go back in the game so I decided to stay with her in the nurses office.

I felt something weird in my stomach and I didn't know what it was so I pulled Ms.Gomez aside. 

"Ms.Gomez I think I'm sick". "Really why is that". "My stomach felt weird just a second ago". "Do me a favor go walk over by Katie and then come back over here and tell me if you feel something in your stomach". "Ok".

As soon as I walked by her I got the feeling again and when I walked back to the nurse it went away.

"Did it come back". "Yes but it's gone again it's only when I'm near her". "Ok Y/n I think you like her". "Really". "Yes".

Now that I think of it that makes more sense. I never really had feelings for anyone or did well with feelings I was always so focused on getting good grades and basketball.

"Ok we are going to go thank you" I said to the nurse walking away.

I took Katie's hand and we went outside. The feeling came back again and to be honest I'm getting annoyed with it so I'm telling her that I like her.

"Hey Katie I need to tell you something" I said while we sat down on one of the benches outside of the school. "What is it". "So I think I like you. Every time I walk near you I get this feeling in my stomach and the nurse said it was because I like you and it makes sense". She started blushing a little and she looked so cute. "Really?" "Yes really".

She leaned in and kissed me and once she did I think I fell in love. She doesn't need to know that just yet though because that would be to fast. She pulled back from the kiss and said "Are you sure now". "I think you just made me even more sure". Then I pulled her back in for another kiss.

A/n: Sorry that sucked I'm just tired I swear I'm going to make a better one. I just wanted to post this cause I feel like I haven't updated in a while.

Also I know no one cares but I'm putting things that are annoying me in my life at the end of my stories now just because I want to. So basically the girl that I said was obsessed with me let's just call her Gladis, she is telling people that I'm fake because I don't want to talk to her and I like cut her off and blocked her on everything and the dumb fucks in my school actually believe her so like only a small amount of people are talking to me. Also my crush has a girlfriend but I don't know her name all I know is that I starts with an a. So yeah that's upsetting but I got to get over it. I honestly just want to switch school and forget about everything and everyone at the school I'm in now. I'm in so much drama for no reason. Like Gladis is the cause of it all.

I'm putting my issues at the end because I have no one to talk to about it. So that's why I'm doing that. Either way sorry if you actually read that bye.

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