Chapter 2 - The almost fight!

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Next day..

"What do you mean I don't take care of him properly? I'm his friend, his nutritionist and his wife okay!" Khushi replied angrily talking over the phone with her enemy "Aman".

"Of course you don't.. You don't even know that he skipped his meds yesterday!" Aman replied back frowning.

"Instead of informing me about this so much late, you should have forced him to have his meds!" Khushi gritted her teeth.

"I'm not his wife!" Aman retorted.

"You badly wished to be his wife, right?" Khushi mocked.

"I would have been better than you!" Aman grinned evilly. He knew it, he was getting successful in irking Khushi.

"Aman shut up!" Khushi shut her eyes tightly controlling herself.

"Bye.. take care of your husband otherwise I will take him away from you.." Aman hang up the call smirking.

Khushi groaned frustratedly and threw her phone to the couch.

"Bhabhi what happened?" NK came downstairs and noticed Khushi's red face.

"Where is your brother?" Khushi asked with low and serious tone.

"I guess he's still sleeping!" NK said.

"Good!" Khushi angrily marched towards the kitchen and kept his breakfast food and meds in the tray. Then she walked out with same angry expression on her face and went upstairs to their room.

NK watched her all this while, and Akash joined him watching Khushi going towards their room.

"Why is Bhabhi angry?" Akash asked to NK.

"Did you watch that movie Luv ka the end?" NK asked to Akash.

"No!" Akash nodded sideways.

"Then you're going to watch today, just a little change in the movie title.. ASR ka The End!" NK said.

"Woah.. What Bhai did now?" Akash asked bewildered.

"I don't know.. but Bhabhi was really angry.." NK shrugged.


Arshi's room..

"Good morning Mr. Pikachu!" Khushi greeted walking in the room with a forced smile and gritted teeth.

"Good morning Jaan.." Arnav mumbled on his sleep.

Khushi for a moment melt with his cuteness, but she tightened her hold on the tray, "Control yourself Khushi.. you're not his Jaan or Muski.. you're just an angry young wife of this Laad governor!"

"Get up baby.. see I've brought your favorite breakfast.. The same tasteless toast and the bitter orange juice!" Khushi smiled sarcastically.

Arnav lazily sat on the bed and stare at her, "You're showing this much love for me today? Is everything alright?"

"If I don't show my love to you, then to whom will I show? To Karan.. or to Ayan.. or even Rahul.. there's doctor.."

"Stop it dammit!" he glared at her.

"You stop it dammit.. Why are you asking me such unbelievable, illogical and nonsense type of questions?" she glared back at him.

Arnav rubbed his right eye, "Okay fine.. I'm sorry!"

"He looks so cute asking sorry!" Khushi thought smiling slightly.

Arnav kept the blanket aside, and went towards the bathroom.

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