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"Dear diary,

Today nurses were talking about some other girl who is going to share my cell. I don't know what to say about that. I haven't seen anyone besides the doctor, nurses, and Zach in months. I'm slowly losing my mind. Sometimes I see Samara talking to me and laughing at her own jokes. She stares at me with her sad little eyes. Sometimes she even cries. She tells me not to give up. Not to take Zach's words in my heart. Says he's just lost his way and will come back to me one day. I know she's dead but it's good to see her again. Even if my mind has been playing with me.

And that left me to think why am I even allowed to share a cellmate with myself? After what happened the last time I was surprised to hear the news. I had burned a nurse's hand because she was rude to me. Now even Zach can't enter my room which I successfully managed to do with a little help from a witch who knows a binding spell. So I don't know what to do with this problem. Should I scare her away? Surely she'll understand to get the hell out of my sight once she realizes just what kind of a creature she's living with. Yes...That could be it. I'll scare her away. I can't have anyone in my life now.

Not even a cellmate.


That girl has arrived a few weeks ago. 

I thought she'll be like other mental patients babbling like nuts or annoying me to the point I have to stay inside my room all day. But she is completely strange. One would think she's mute like the way she doesn't even make a sound. She just stares ahead like there is nothing. She sits all day near the window and observes. She even caught me using my powers but no word. I thought of scaring her away by taking a nurse's soul right in front of her but she had no reaction whatsoever. Even when I became irritated at her, she was silent. I wonder what made her come into here in the first place. I was arrested and later diagnosed as a mental patient for seeing my dead boyfriend. I sometimes think what Zach would say about her if he was here...


That girl spoke to me today. 

But what chilled me to bone was she didn't say any greetings, she simply sat on my bed and started to speak. "I know who you are." 

What did she mean by that? So I told her a little about me. "My name is Lana. It's written in my hand. And you are obviously...1264?" 

When she was closer to me I noticed she didn't have a name. She only had a number. What...was she a special case? As if she could hear what was in my mind, she sighed. "I know what you are. You are a Reaper."

Well, there, you have it karma. My cellmate knows."

Harrison closed the diary only to drag his sweaty hair out from his forehead. The mirror in front of him was deflecting the desperation in his hazel eyes. After the meeting with Dalton, he couldn't sleep at night. What had his life turned into? Just a few months ago he was helping with the regular cases. Where the least he could think about his life was dying and never getting to see his family but now, he was dealing with a Reaper. 

Sometimes he thought if his clan cursed him a life of trouble or something. He wouldn't put it past the Red clan. And if he was sure of what was he about to do with this particular case...

Maybe it was best not to wonder.


Lana was clueless again where she was going. 

She did have an idea of where to go, that she had no doubt. But by the way, Keira's friend told her everything that had been going around the clan, it was hard for her to believe. If she didn't meet Gemma, the clan would have killed her. No, not killed her. They would find the King of Shadows and throw her to him. At least, that's what Lana managed to interpret Gemma's frantic words. 

She couldn't stop the smile of irony from showing on her face. The constant back and forth running seemed to run in the family. You do something rebel, the entire world is chasing you and in the end, you get least Keira ran away with her life. How was Lana supposed to save her own life? Could she even trust Danny to not tattle her truths to anyone? Questions were running inside her head like a tornado until she flinched back at the sudden commotion.

"Oh! Look what we've found!"

She was so engulfed in her own little world that she didn't notice running through the woods to reach her destination quicker. The pitch-black night was on her favor to hide her identity but she was so used to not being afraid of humans for months that she didn't care if the three slurring boys in the middle of woods could be dangerous for her.

So she simply turned her back to them with a forced laugh. "You guys should leave."

If they really loved their lives then they should listen to her. She'd know by the way her body warmed in excitement. Even if her heart wasn't in it but her body was always ready to take souls. Sometimes she wondered if she was a soul junky.

Was there even a thing like that?

"What are you doing here, in the middle of the night especially?" One boy slurred making Lana sigh. She had to be the one to leave, they were too out of it to realize anything. Just as she took a step, another boy jumped in front of her with a wink. 

"Let me tell you guys...She was waiting for us! Oh man, look how hot she is?"

So, they were one of those. Lana took a deep breath to suppress her anger. Though maybe she should let her body do the job. Reap, punish, feed. 

"Leave." She gritted out for one last chance. Gambling with life wasn't a new thing for her. So when they didn't take the bait, she scoffed. "Do you know who I am?"

"Made for us?" The black-haired guy whispered smirking.

"I told you to leave because I didn't want to give in to the monster inside me. But you all are still here. Must be some big reason, isn't it?" Lana turned to the first guy, letting her Reaper side come out. And by the way, his gaze glazed over she knew she had them under her control.

Good. They had no idea what it felt like to play with the prey before they were going to be nothing but ashes.

"You know the reason why you're never going back from this woods?" Pause. "Cause first I'll tear you from limb to limbs, then I'll rip your souls out of your body when you will scream for my mercy and my! How much pleasure that will give me you have no idea." 

The same moment, her eyes turned dark as a coil and a loud hiss left from her lips. 

She could see the pure fear in their eyes. Good...she loved to see the fear in their eyes when she used to take their souls. It always gave her a feeling of complete control. People feared death. But they didn't understand that no one could stop death, certainly not by someone like Lana.

"Come on baby, Don't be afraid of me now. We have so much fun to do together." She mocked at the boys standing in front of her.

"What...what are you?" The blond asked stuttering every word.

"Me? I'm just a Reaper."

Then came the screams of melody in her ears waking up the whole forest...


Well...there's that. Any guess on who Lana is looking for? Let me know!

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