1x02 Showmance

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Lizzie's POV

School's Parking Lot

Another day of school all my bruises had started to clear up mainly because I was avoiding my father at all cost weather that was coming in when he wasn't around and leaving super early in the morning.

I had to do what I did to be ok in reality I bearly go any sleep but I had also managed to avoid Quinn and Santana at school.

Quinn was easy because since I joined glee club she wanted nothing to do with me but Santana was a little harder because she kept trying to talk to me in secret of course.

Mainly she was still trying to figure out why I was acting the way I was last week but I didn't have much of an explanation for it.

Anyway I say Mercedes, Artie and Tina in the parking lot and court up with them since joining glee club I had gotten close with the guys "hey guys" I greeted with a smile causing them to do the same.

Just as we were having some fun running some notes Mr Schue came up to us "morning, guys" Mr Schue greeted and we all did the same.

"Hey, Mr. Schue we're just learning some runs" Mercedes tells him "oh, yeah?" Mr Schue asked up and we nod "so it goes-" Mercedes starts and her and I do the run waving our finger and Mr Schue, Tina and Artie do it as well.

"With the finger, huh?" Mr Schue asked after doing it causing me to laugh pretty fly for a white guy" Mercedes tells him and I nod "oh, thank you, thank you hey, don't be late for rehearsal this afternoon" Mr Schue tells us.

"No problem Mr Schue we'll be there" I tell him as the other nod "all right" he says before running off.

"Hey guys I'll see you in class" I tell them before running off to the bathroom to do my business and but of course when I am done Santana is standing there again.

"Don't you have practice or are you just stalking me" I asked her cause her to laugh "no and no I am just hanging around" she tells me and I look at her.

"Right and I'm the most popular girl in school, so now that we've told the jokes why are you here" I asked her.

"What if I just wanted to see you" Santana tells me stepping closer to me "then I would be flattered but don't you think the bathroom is a little be of a creepy place to want to see someone" I asked her smirking.

I was dumbfounded at this new amount of confidence but I just decided to go with it "creepy or romantic there is such a thin line" Santana tells me causing me to laugh.

"Now what do you know about romance Ms Lopez" I asked her which causes her to lean forward and her lips reach my ear "you have no idea Fabray" she says before leaning back our lips inches apart.

I look down at her lips and back to her eyes "screw it" I say before placing my hand on the back of her neck and bringing out lips together which she reciprocates.

Santana pushes me back into one of the stalls and locks the door as our lips are still together as I flip us moving my lips from hers to her neck.

Just as I start to the bells rings causing me to pull away resting my head on Santana's shoulder as her hand is on my neck rubbing it with her thumb "I'm gonna be late, my dad's gonna kill me" I say causing Santana to giggle.

I look up into her eyes and smile seeing her do the same "we gotta go" I tell her and she nods "join the celibacy club, it'll give us a chance to see each other without seeing each other" she tells me.

I laugh "Quinn will kill me then bring me back to life and kill me again" I tell her and she laughs "so just come, please" she says and I widen my eyes smirking "did Santana Lopez just say please" I asked smirking.

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