Trick or Treat?

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"Lucas I swear to god, if you don't hurry up all the good candy will be gone!" Calum called up the stairs, groaning in frustration at his husband who always took way too long getting dressed.

"You're complaining as though you're going to be the one eating it!" Luke called back, a hint of amusement in his voice.

"Maybe I am!" Calum groaned again, shaking his head as he stepped into the kitchen where their five year old son Alex was furiously scribbling away on a sheet of paper in his Ninja Turtle costume, his crayons spread out all over the countertop.

"Hey little guy, what are you drawing?" he asked, ruffling the little boy's hair as he peered over his shoulder curiously, interested to see what he was so concentrated on.

"Don't look!" Alex cried out, shielding his paper with his hand, giving Calum an angry look.

Calum laughed, shaking his head and taking a seat across from his son. "Okay, okay, I won't!"

"Papa, are we going soon?" the little boy looked up at his father with his light brown eyes wide, his hands still flattened over his drawing. "I want to see my friends!"

Calum smiled at him, shrugging. "Whenever your father's done."

"You mean my other father," the little boy pointed out with a giggle.

"But he doesn't have buttons for eyes!" Calum chuckled, then shook his head at Alex's confused expression. "Never mind, it's from an old movie."

"Papa, you're weird," Alex shook his head, a look of great disappointment on his face that only little kids could muster up without laughing. He grabbed the paper before sliding off the chair, and running off into the living room.

"Where are you heading off to?" Calum called out, turning to keep an eye on the little boy.

"I'm going to hide this!" he squealed excitedly, waving the paper in the air. "So that way you and Daddy can't see it until I'm finished!"

Calum laughed just as Luke made his way downstairs, finally ready to go.

"Took you long enough," Calum commented, earning himself an eye roll. "Come on Alex, let's go!"

The little boy excitedly ran to the front door, pulling on some shoes on his little feet before opening the door and running outside. Calum laughed, following his son as Luke grabbed the bucket Alex had forgotten in his haste and locked the door behind the three of them.

"Slow down there little fella!" Luke called, just managing to get a hold of the back of Alex's costume before the little boy ran off. He crouched beside him and handed him the orange bucket, ruffling his hair. "You can't leave without this! Where are you going to put all the candy?"

"In the bucket, Daddy!" Alex giggled, holding it up over his head. "Look, it's bigger than my face!"

"Indeed it is!" Luke nodded with a laugh, standing up and taking Alex's hand before he could run off again.

Calum looked over at Luke, a smile on his face. But within seconds, Alex had dragged the blond up the front steps of one of the houses decorated with cobwebs and plastic skeletons. Calum watched as Luke ran the doorbell that Alex couldn't reach yet, smiling at his family. An old lady answered the door, dropping a few pieces of chocolate in the little boy's bucket before he dashed off, Luke thanking the lady before following his eager son down the steps.

"Papa, look!" Alex beamed, holding up the bucket so that Calum could see what was inside without having to bend down too much. "Look at all that candy!"

"Wow, that's a lot!" Calum grinned as they set off down the sidewalk again. The next house they got to, Alex pulled Calum with him, making his father lift him up so that he could ring the doorbell.

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