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Sorry to say this but I'm not gonna continue this :(

I'm older than Nathanaël now and I don't feel comfortable writing this, sorry 😬

If anyone wants to though, you can continue it. I didn't really have that much of a plan for this story anyway and yes your parents were abusive. The reason why you went abroad was to escape their treatment. You write in the journal at two in the morning because that was usually the time they would leave you alone, the journal was the readers only escape because they were also bullied at school. You slept on the floor because your parents didn't care enough to give you one, you usually just slept on a futon.

Man, 14-15 year old me was on some depressing shit :/

The ending to this story was supposed to be sad too. When the reader and Nathanaël were supposed to say goodbyes, the reader was gonna break down and beg him not to leave him because Nathanaël was the first person to care about him.

I know at one point Nathanaël was supposed to find the journal but I don't remember what I had planned, oops.

Anyway that's it!

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