CHAPTER 2: Changes

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My jaw dropped. We had the wrong house. Surely. Pulling into its expansive drive I opened the door of our black Range Rover. I stood awestruck. I looked back towards my parents whom were watching me.

"Do you like it honey?"

"Are you kidding!" I replied, "It's amazing."

And it was. I pulled my camera up and around my neck and clicked a picture of our new home. It was a modern take on a wood cabin, not made out of wood but it had the same feel, warm and welcoming even though it was extensive. It was snowing and the soft white flakes blanketed the house in an ethereal beauty.

"You haven't even seen the best part yet." Said my Dad, excitement bubbling in his voice.

"I don't think it gets any better than this." I declared as I made my way towards the house. But I was wrong, I spotted what seemed like a gentle creek passing right under the house which had a glass bridge over it. A creek went through my home, it was ridiculous and beautiful. I looked at the mountains behind our new home which stood ancient and wise, a testament to time. It was an oasis, I loved it from the moment I saw it, it felt like home.

Eventually I followed after my dad as he led the way through the foyer into the living room, everything was cherry wood and warm. Cade was still brooding in the car insisting on playing with his Nintendo. A large stone fireplace stood as a center point to the living room and I put down my bags to get a better view of everything. The kitchen was decked out in marble and stainless steel. My Mom had flown in to Aspen two weeks before to get everything settled, it had her touch.

"You ready to see your room?" my Mom asked.

"Yea." I said simply and my Dad laughed as he kissed my Mom's forehead and pulled her close to his side.

"Lets go." I raced my dad up the stairs, and would've beaten him had he not pushed me off balance near the top. He put his hands over my eyes as we reached the hallway.

"We thought you'd want a little more privacy so your mother picked out this room. Take a look."

This room was three times the size of my room back in Seattle. My Mom had tastefully painted most of the room white, alternating it with a light periwinkle. My bed was a masterpiece, a king size mountain of clouds. Soft, lush pillows in alternating shades of ocean blue were heaped upon my bright white bed. On the walls hung my favorite photos from such artists as Annie Leibovitz, Ansel Adams and W. Eugene Smith. A large flat screen TV was nestled in the wall opposite of my bed. My Mom beckoned to me, and I followed her to the corner of the room where there was a door.

"Go ahead." she said.

And I did. It was the second time that day that I was bereft of speech. She had made me a full sized walk in closet. I started jumping up and down, like an idiot. My parents laughed at my giddiness, I couldn't help it.

"Well we better go and get your brother." I looked up then.

"Maybe I should get him, he's pretty mad at you guys right now."

"That would be good." Mom considered. "Go get um tiger."

"But first." I asked. "Where's his room?"

"Second door on your right." I ran down the hallway first to see his room, he would love it. It was decorated in an indigo blue and black with guitars hanging on the walls next to pictures of Jimi Hendrix and Slash. My brother would love it, I knew.

He was still in the car, pondering his life, I was sure. Consumed in the next best thing. I grabbed the Nintendo out of his hand.

"Hey!" he cried, but I kept walking. He ran after me.

"Come on Cade, you'll thank me for this."

"Give it back!"

I handed it back to him and grabbed his hand, leading him to his room. When we reached the landing I pointed him to his door. I watched his reaction spill into sudden joy. He now had the guitar and amp he had so badly wanted. Cade was gifted in music, he was an amazing piano player already, I couldn't wait for him test out his skills on the strings of his new guitar.

* * * * *

As I sat in my room later that night I began to feel butterflies, I questioned what people would think of me, how they would react to an outsider and whether not I'd be accepted. Resting my head now on one of my many pillows I looked through my laptop at all the pictures I'd created and I was delighted to know that there were so many new places to take pictures of. Slowly I drifted out of my consciousness and fell blissfully into a dream state.

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