a new beginning

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so it's october again, you know what that means 🥴

it's my babygirls birthday month 👉🏻👈🏻

and she's turning 18 soon, a whole legal adult.

i've literally known her since she was 16 so it's a huge deal. i think she's known me since i was 17, AND... i'm 19 now SO WOW.

just take a moment to wrap your head around that fact 🥵


anyways in celebration, i'm putting this book up again. this whole angel deserves love, so if you don't already follow LILHYUCK do yourself a fat favor

i love this girl so hi

my heart? gone. my love? snatched. hotel? trivago. this format? dead.

SO WELCOME TO WHATEVER THIS IS, hope you stick around to find out.

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