Chapter One

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Meet the Andrews Family

‘Is that all your belongings?’ My aunt enquired as she exited the car.

I nodded hesitantly as I pulled my pink suitcase out of the glinting black Mercedes. ‘Yeah.’

‘Hm.’ My aunt nodded curtly, and unlocked the front door, letting me in before slamming it shut.


After I had been shown inside every room in the three storey mansion, except my aunty and uncle’s bedroom, which she only showed me the outside of, my aunt had taken me back to my new room, ‘I’ll leave you for an hour, please meet me in the dining room for a family meeting afterwards please.’

I got the feeling that my aunt resented having to take me in, and I can’t help but be a bit stung; she may have been my appointed godmother, but she didn’t have to take me in if she didn’t want to. It’s going to be so awkward living in a house where everyone hates me.

I walked over to my queen-size bed and sat down heavily, gazing around the room blankly. I didn’t even bother to get excited as I spotted a new laptop among other things.

Two months earlier I was still with my parents. Who would have known that only I would have escaped that house fire?

I didn’t exactly have much to unpack either, only a few things had been saved in the fire, a former biscuit tin that I had used to put my earrings in, a few books, and, surprisingly enough, some of my childhood things that had been in my attic. My old childhood things I had given to the orphanage, and to solve my clothes problem, I had been given three pairs of trousers, tops, shoes and some underwear by the foster home.

I couldn’t think of anything else to do in the hour, so I decided to just go downstairs early.

Cautiously, I opened the door and peered out of my room, making sure the corridor was clear before I turned right, towards the marble staircase.

‘Hey, you must be Eve.’

‘Wha-?’ I jumped in shock, whipping round to see a tall boy around my age smiling at me. ‘Well, you’re either Eve, or one of my sisters’ friends.’ He clarified, shrugging.

‘Oh, right… yeah, I’m Eve.’

‘I’m Tom,’

I ducked my head, and smiled at him nervously. ‘Can-can you show me where the dining room is? I mean, I know where it is, but I’m not sure. Well, I think I do but-‘

‘Ok, sure, let’s go.’ He cut in, not unkindly, ‘follow me.’

I nodded again, and waited for him to descend the stairs before following at a polite distance through the different rooms, winding corridors and stairs.

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