Pumpkins part 1 - Sophiana

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Sophie was dreaming.

She was walking through a dark human neighborhood. People were all around her, laughing and talking, and their thoughts all rotated around candy and decorations. Every house was adorned with glowing pumpkins, fake spider webs, and smoke machines. She recognized it as one of her favorite scenes from childhood: Halloween. She looked down her outfit and recognized her old cat costume from years before. Sophie looked down at her hand and saw a classic orange pumpkin basket in her hand, full of all the candy she had been missing since she left the Forbidden Cities. She smiled.

Sophie awoke to gentle sunlight streaming through her shaded windows. She was glad, if somewhat puzzled, that her dreams had been pleasant for once. But why had they been about Halloween? On a sudden hunch, Sophie picked up her iPod and checked the date. She was right - it was October 31st!

Sophie jumped up and ran to her closet. Della and Edaline had given her so many tunics and dresses. Surely one of them must be fall related in some way. After a few minutes of searching, she found a flow white tunic embroidered with pumpkins and fall leaves. She put that on with some simple black leggings and snuck downstairs, past a sleeping Bo, and Tarina, who was reading a large black and gold printed book.

Thankfully, her parents weren't awake yet. Sophie opened the crystal front door and ran outside, towards Calla's Panakes. She knew Flori was often tending to her aunt, singing and making soup to show her love. Luckily, as she got closer, Sophie spotted the little gnome kneeling by the trunk of the Panakes, pouring Starkfower Stew into the ground. 

"Flori! I... need... help." Sophie said between gasps of air. For a girl with five bodyguards, all of whom loved to make her do crazy exercises, she was pretty out of shape.

"Are you alright, Sophie?" Flori asked, her eyes wide and concerned. 

"Yeah. I just was wondering... are there pumpkins in the Lost Cities?" Sophie asked hopefully. Flori tilted her head, a bemused smile on her face.

"Not exactly like the ones in the Forbidden Cities, but yes, we do grow pumpkins. Would you like me to show you?" She asked. Sophie nodded and followed her to a garden at the edge of one one of the pastures. In a garden box was a wild tangle of green leaves. In the middle of the foliage there was the most beautiful sight Sophie had ever seen: a huge, glittering pumpkin.

"This is wonderful!" Sophie exclaimed, hugging Flori fiercely. Flori helped carry it back to the house, and called a few gnomes to pick more. Sophie decided to call some friends to help her with the daunting task ahead. She picked up her Imparter and called Biana.

"B, I need your help. Meet me at Havenfield in ten minutes, and bring Fitz. Oh, and wear fall colors!" Sophie said quickly when she saw Biana's sleepy face appear on the screen. She was sitting on her bed in light purple fuzzy pajamas and slippers with alicorns on them. The girl looked so adorably confused that Sophie couldn't resist taking a screenshot and sending it to her iPod. She hung up and called the rest of her friends. They were all sleepy and confused, but agreed to be there. 

Sophie ran to the kitchen and began grabbing ingredients from the huge walk-in pantry. She then grabbed an assortment of knives and laid them out on a red blanket in the grass outside. By the time she lugged the giant pumpkins over to the blanket, Biana and Fitz had arrived. Biana looked incredible as always, with her hair in a braid over her shoulder and woven with rubies and topaz. Her dress was red with golden leaves embroidered on it, and her makeup matched the gems in her hair perfectly. She was the polar opposite from the sleepy girl she had seen in the Imparter. Fitz also looked spiffy, with a crimson jerkin and white pants. A small gold crown was embroidered onto the jerkin. Sophie nearly laughed when she realized that he looked rather like a prince. a/n *cough cough* Prince Roman *cough cough* Soon after, Dex, Keefe, Tam, Linh, and Wylie had arrived, all in varying shades of red, gold, yellow, or orange.

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