Chapter 5

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"We have something to tell you all." Peeta says, and they all look at us expectantly. He looks at me again before he blurts out, "Katniss is pregnant."

There's silence for what feels like hours with the butterflies tossing and turning in my stomach, ironic. When Peeta's mother opens her mouth to speak I'm relieved but terrified.

"What?" She screams across the table.

I grip Peeta's hand tightly, terrified she's going to hurt him or the baby.

"Mother." Peeta says, trying to stay calm.

"If she made you do this I will kill her!" She shouts towards Peeta, glancing at me.

Peeta's father finally says something. "Flora calm down. Of course she didn't force him to get her pregnant!"

"I wouldn't be surprised, look at her! Absolute filth!" She screams at me.

As soon as the words leave her mouth Peeta goes mental. "Get out of my house! Don't you dare talk about my wife like that!" He screams so loud I'm sure people in the square would have heard.

She doesn't argue, just keeps her mouth closed and walks out.

Max and Theo sit there, looking like they are completely unaware of what just happened. Peeta's father looks totally embarrassed. He looks up from his plate and says, "I'm so sorry, Katniss. I'm sure she didn't mean what she said."

I shake my head, "No, don't be sorry. It's okay."

The room starts to spin, and I feel like I'm am going to pass out if I don't get out of this house. "I..uh, I'm going for some fresh air." I stutter and walk out of the house as best as I can.

When the fresh air hits me it's the biggest sense of relief. My surroundings soon stop spinning and I find myself in the woods, sat on a rock over looking the valleys.

Do people really think I would force Peeta to get me pregnant? The thought haunts me and circle my brain and before I know it, I'm watching the sun go down.

The oranges, reds and yellows that paint the sky remind me of Peeta, who is most likely worrying that I have ran off into the woods.

When I walk back into the house it's empty and deadly silent. "Peeta?"

I check the whole house and find him in the spare room where he keeps all of his paintings, asleep on the floor with tear stains across his face. I sit on the floor next to him and shake him gently to wake him up. As soon as his eyes rest on me he pulls me into his arms and cries onto my shoulder. I stroke his hair softly before asking him what's wrong.

"I thought I'd lost you. I thought you left." He says, shakily.

I look at him, confused. "Why would I leave you?"

"Because of what my mother said, and I thought it had all gotten too much for you."

"I don't care what your mother said. She doesn't matter. Only you and this baby matters."

"I love you, Katniss." he whispers.

"I love you too, so much."


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