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"Welcome to the League Of Villains y/n"

"Glad to know I've been accepted."
I sent a smirk towards the leader and a wink to Dabi.

He returned my wink with a little poke of his tongue protruding out of his mouth before he retreated it back not allowing anyone else to see his slightly seductive gesture towards me.

"Ok so before we let you do missions by yourself, we will have one of the leagues members accompany you. Who would you like to tag along with y/n?" Tomura sneered at me.

In my sassy tone I slyly requested to hang around with the scarred man known as Dabi.
The blue-haired man replied with a shrug, "Alright then Dabi she's your problem now, don't let her ruin our plans to destroy All Might." Tomura grunted.


It may have been Dabi's job to watch over me but he seemed to have passed the job over to Twice. I was lead around the hideout and taught me about the history the league had, including the time when they kidnapped Katsuki.

Eventually Twice took me to a decent sized plain f/c room that consisted of a double bed, chest of drawers, a desk and an ensuite bathroom. Pretty good. He left me so i could settle down in my room whilst he went to find Dabi, my handsome looking babysitter, so we could go and collect some of my belongings.
It was still a shame really, even though I lived by myself the league wanted me to move into the hideout; as apparently too many people knew where I lived. Seriously though no one knew me, I was deemed to dangerous to be near. Too villainous. Clearly a villain from birth, whatever that means.

Well I mean that is the case now. I am a villain.

I flopped down onto the f/c bed and just stayed there, super comfy, staring up at the ceiling until a certain babysitters cough interrupted my thinking.

"We going or what?" The rough voice broke through the silence. I sat up and stared at the guy. He gave me this impatient look that sent shivers throughout my small body. I scrambled up and fixed up my hair so it would look at least half decent underneath the black hood on my hell bunny jacket.
By the time I had finished Dabi was already waiting for me by the back entrance of the hideout.

"About time doll face." My face blushed slightly at his nickname. He seemed to pick up on it. IS he trying to seduce me? If so it's definitely working!

After we got outside he lightly smacked my backside making me gasp in shock, whilst sending him a warning glare. Oh it's on dude.

We got further down the street when we came across a group of people.

They sent Dabi all these weird looks, luckily they didn't notice my tiny frame behind his tall one. We walked past them without a second glance. After we were out of their sight I returned Dabi's smack from earlier with my own little tug on his fluffy hair at the back. It was soo soft, I wonder what he puts in it when he washes his hair, he does always seem so clean. Apart from his mouth, it is always spouting dirty little comments.
Nevertheless before I could reach for more of his hair to pull on, even though I'm short as, he span around and scooped me up with his delicious looking arms.

As we stumbled onwards, we happened to fall upon (not literally) another load of people more my age. This time though, these were from my old school, and a couple of Katsuki's friends from UA. And unfortunately for me, they recognised my totally innocent form in Dabi's arms as soon as they saw us. 

"Hey isn't that l/n?"  "Who is she with?"  "She sure got strange taste in men."  "Has she really crossed over to villainy yet?"  "You think she's turned psycho recently?" 

The comments and questions kept coming making me feel smaller and smaller than I already did, yet again Dabi seemed good at picking up on how I felt. Traits of a therapist, thats always good. Lowering me down to the ground so i could walk by myself again, he immediately snaked his arm around my waist and pulled me into him, helping to ease my anxiety levels.
Once we were far enough away from my old classmates I let myself out of his grip and bowed my head to him, "Thank you." 

He tched and started to briskly walk away. But before he could get away i latched myself onto his arm as we continued on our way to my old apartment.


Unlocking the door, i quietly let us inside. On the way towards your room i grabbed my f/c backpack stuffing items of clothing into it from all around my flat. I finally entered my bedroom and sank to the floor, nausea washing over me. No longer able to hold back the tears any further. 

I didn't like how quickly my life had turned around. It was all so sudden. Pushing my h/c locks out of my face i let myself cry my heart out, until i felt myself being pulled into a warm embrace. My head resting against Dabi's chest.

After a short while i managed to calm myself down, sniffling into black haired guys shirt i whispered, "Why me?"

A few moments of silence passed until a certain man replied in hushed tones "you wouldn't believe me if I told you the truth y/n" 

I let out a sigh before I dragged myself off the floor to continue packing up my possessions. I was fumbling around in a drawer when I felt two arms entwine themselves around my body. Sweet

"I didn't know you were able to care for others feelings Dabi." I snickered. He hmphed in reply.

"Shut up." Pausing to let out a breath he continued, "C'mon we need to get back soon, or they'll start to wonder if we got into trouble." He hummed into my ear, nibbling it slightly.

A wave of pink flushed across my cheeks, "Well im sorry but I don't know whether to bring the black top or the white one?" 

"Just take both, I'll bet you'll look good enough to eat in either..." He waited for a moment for my response but it never came so he carried on "I'll bet you'll look tasty as with nothing on, doll face."

I pushed out of his grip and stuffed as much clothing as I could into my bag and ran into the kitchen, leaving Dabi behind in my previous bedroom. 


"What was that, Dabi?"

No response...


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