🌹Chapter Twenty - Nine🌹

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🌹R O S E🌹


My eyes flutter open by the sunlight. That isn't right, I always have the blinds over the window in my bedroom, and I make sure that no light can come inside form the outside. Beside the tree outside blocks half my window, so not much light can come inside.

I sit up and rub the tiredness out of my eyes, besides my vision was a bit blurry from being asleep. As soon as my eyes are open and can actually see what is around me, I start to panic. This isn't my bedroom, this isn't even my bed or my window, this isn't my house.

I start looking around and notice that the dress I wore last night and I got from Lena is neatly folded on a chair beside the bed. If the dress I wore last night is over there, then what am I wearing. I look down and I'm wearing white pajamas, just plain white pajamas, both the shirt and the pants.

What is happening. The bed I'm sitting on is so soft that I really feel like I'm floating on a cloud, but this is strange. The pillows and the covers are the same white as the pajamas I'm wearing, when I think about it, everything in the room is white.

The room isn't that big, and it doesn't have much in it and the things it has is white. The bed I'm in and the chair beside the bed are the only furniture in the room. I notice one door of the room. Throwing the covers of me, I jump from the bed.

The floor is made out of wood and is warm to the touch on my bare toes and it feels amazing. I don't have heat in the floor at my apartment and it feels wonderful to wake up and when I'm out of bed to have warmth on my feet.

I go to the door and hold my breath before I put my hand on the door handle and turn it. I big relief washes over me when I manage to open the door. Thank god that it's not locked, I don't know what I'd do if the door were locked, I don't even know where I am.

The last thing I remember is being in the car with Mr. Knight, I don't even remember what we talked about or why I was with him, my memories from last night are a bit hazy, but I think the memories will come to me soon. I do however remember that I was with Damon last night, but how I ended up with Mr. Knight, I have no idea.

I open the door and walk outside to see what is on the outside, though I feel fear run through my whole body. Yet, I'm not panicking that much, I know I should be, but I'm not. I don't know how, but I feel this feeling inside me that is telling me that I don't need to be afraid of this place or what happened to me.

I'm met with a hallway, a white hallway. Is everything in this house white? Because as far as I've seen it is and that doesn't make any sense to me, there isn't even any furniture in this hallway, no pictures or anything, just white walls and wood floors and white ceiling.

The room I was in is at the end of the hallway, there's nothing on the other side, except for the wall and one window. A white window, no surprise there. I have no other choice but walk to walk down the hallway, down the only way that I can possible go to.

I walk past three rooms, before I start to smell something delicious. Breakfast, and like the hungry girl I am right now, I follow the smell. It wasn't that hard, as the smell is pretty strong. It leads me down into another hallway and from there I can hear the sound of a frying pan and something is being fried.

I also hear humming. I go towards it. Into a white kitchen. There's an island in the middle, where the sink is. Then I notice Mr. Knight standing by a frying pan, frying eggs. "Mr. Knight?" I ask, I walk closer to the island and set my hand on it and lean against it.

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