Flash gains his first debut

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Earth 38

After Barry was assured that Kara would be unaware about him when she will return to Catco today, then he began to ponder on how he will escape through working hours coz with his speed, get could just end whole day assignment in few seconds and except fake typing and staring at boring walls of his office was not a very relishing option.  So quickly he measured the wall which faced towards street and then marked it with his genetic speedforce leaving a trail that can only be recognized by speedsters.  This way he could just phase out of there and no one would even notice there is anything unusual here unless he had a stalker which was pretty amusing to think about.

Kara's Pov
I woke up all groggily like usual and rushed to clean my teeth as I recalled last night waking up at DEO.  Alex seemed off about something and so did everyone like they were hiding something from me but I couldn't figure out a way to get my head over it.  I mean why would they keep something from me.  I am Supergirl and I can pretty well handle myself.  Anyway I wouldn't push them.  I got a lot on my head.

For now I need to go to Catco.  I arrived there looking around all corners and spotted a young new and very cute guy talking to miss Grant.  I wonder what he is doing here?  As I was standing there,  miss grant suddenly call my name and says that I am gonna work with Barry which is nice name now as joint reporter. 
I nodded and was feeling happy inside.  As we walk,  I wanted to know few things about him so I just ramble
"Hey Barry,  so where are you from? " I ask him
"Oh!  I am from centra...coast city. " He suddenly says and I looked at him little strangely cuz there was no central city and he was like hiding it but I knew all about fibing to protect identity so I didn't push him.

"Pretty cool we are gonna be on same job. " I say excitedly.
"Yeah. Sounds awesome to have you onboard" He says laughing.  Then suddenly I hear little buzzing of electricity.  I look everywhere but nothing was sparkling. 
"Hey. Was nice to meet you, kara.  See you later.  " He suddenly said and went to his office.  I was feeling weird bit I went back to work but not before hearing that sound again and a whoosh of air.

After a while,  I get ping on my phone about a prisoner of DEO being loose again called Deathraider.  I arrived at Deo while Winn is tracking down their location.  I high five him and then we saw it on Headlock Street.  As I arrived there, people scamper away.  But just as I was about to hit,  he kicks me in chest so hard I feel pain.  I try to laser eye him but he jump in air and throw me towards building crackling it's base.  I couldn't leave building or people will die. 

He was approaching slowly but then in a blink before I could register it, I was standing with scarf around my neck in middle of street,  building beings supported by mortars rod.  And most surprisingly Deathraider gone.  I just received news that he is in lockup now.  All people were looking shocked.  Some were amused at sight of seeing Supergirl with a scarf of velvet rose.  And the news flashed just as she arrived in her office costume as Kara, Flash made his great debut by finishing fight in a blink which took toll on Supergirl and corroded a building. 

She was enthralled by new hero but also feeling distaste at hearing someone blame her for destruction when she was trying to save people by her best.

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