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2018 - Ulsan High School D1 Class

"Kim yohan your turn!" We laugh as the bottle pointed to yohan. Yohan suggested to play truth or dare so now we are playing.

"Ask ahead!" Yohan said and we became quiet to think for a question.

"Is there any girl who makes you heartbeat fast?" I sit opposite to yohan, asking.

Yohan became silence, "have...."

"Wooooooo!!!" We make noise as yohan admits. Even though I also tease him.

"Ohmaigawd skxkcqqjwpxnz"

"Who is she!!"

"Hey just one question okay? And I have answered yes" yohan rolls his eyes

"Guys you know what to do at the next round~" Woojin tells us and we giggle, sure we will plan to him what's the girl's name on next round!

After a few rounds,

"KIM YOHAN FINALLY REACH YOU!" We in sync laugh together at yohan

"Just tell, who's she~" yeri asks

"I can't tell!!"

"In our school?"

Yohan nods

"What class"


"D2?! Yohan you like senior?" Which senior!" Dino asks and yohan lays his head on the table while laughing.

"So here's my analysis, there are only two 'D' classes in school, one D1 is our class, and another is D2. Our class only have these three girls and em....I don't think the girl is anyone of you. So the girl must be in D2, our sunbaenim!" Woojin says confidently.

"So it's ok to tell us her name!! Not like we will tell her lol" I say

"Cannot!! I can't!" Yohan closes his face and lays on the table looking at me, "why am I the one suggesting play this game but end up being the one asked!!"

"Woah his ears and face are freaking red" I point out and joowon and yeri laugh.

"Woah really, it's like tomoto" woojin says

Even though at the end yohan still didn't tell us who is the girl, but his expression on that day: face embarrassed, laying on the table, laughing shyly, and the most important, the way he looks at me when he closes his red lower face since he's embarrassed.

I would never forget that.


"Eh y/n, you know what, I have a good news and bad news for you." Dino, my best guy friend tells me during voice call

"It's about yohan right? Just tell already bruh" I roll my eyes even I know he won't see it.

Yes, among my friends, dino is the one who knows my crush is yohan. I don't dare to tell yuqi or joowon they all because I think maybe they will like him too. Yohan is indeed a popular boy at out school. I don't wanna take a risk to tell them because I'm scared we will fight for a guy. Who knows?

Friendship will always be my priority;)

"Okay, so just now only me, jihoon and yohan stayed at mcd, and yohan told us that...."

"He has a feeling towards you."

My heart beats for fast when I hear it, but then I remember dino said there's a bad news, "then what's the bad news?"

"The bad news is, but he said he and you are impossible to be together"

I listen to him silently and nod slightly.

I have expected it.

After that we end the call. I look at ceiling of my room silently.

I should have known. I shouldn't put hope on it.

But why are we impossible?



So who is the gurl you like huh

Not going to tell you😝😝

Bruh fine then🙄
By the way will you confess?

I will

Goodluck then!

Thanks ya😂😂


I closed my phone after I sent it the emoji. I might look happy in the conversation but no one would know, that night I cried so much in the bed.

Because it's not easy to tell your crush to confess to the girl he likes.

And I did it. When my tears began to fall.

That's when I became vulnerable.

Just a short part for past story. Thankyou 1.35k! By the way recently there are so many things happen. But I believe in X1 and One It. No matter what happens, we will go through together throughout the storm and rain. We will see the rainbow soon. Just hold on together for that day🌈
*Reedit* ops sorry I forgot to put new character about dino, woojin, joowon and yeri lol😂😂
Dino (Seventeen)
Woojin (AB6IX // Wannaone)
Joowon (Momoland)
Yeri (Red velvet)

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