Meet up

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I let Ermias talk me into meeting up with his crazy baby mama. If she wasn't so immature we could've been had a conversation. I never had a problem with her, Back when we had that fight I didn't even know her and she approached me, I hit her with a one two and it was that. Ever since she found out Hussle and I are together she's been inserting herself in everything even though its beeen longgg since we been together.. and all I do is ignore her, So for her to wanna meet seems crazy when she had all this time. Hussle started the conversation off with "Tanisha wanna meet up with you but Don't want me to go" But then he says he's coming anyway what was the purpose of him telling me that?
I don't need him to come anywhere but him being Hussle he don't care, What he say goes. Samantha been blowing up my phone asking to go ever since I told her, her ass just want to already beat up Tanisha for previous reasons so her wanting to meet with me just added the toppings on Samantha's cake. "Boogie I am coming" Samantha said fixing her hair while were on face time.

"I don't see why you or Hussle trying to come"

Hussle said smacking his teeth "Im coming because Tanisha be lying she'll manipulate your mind into thinking I did some shit"

"Nobody's talking to you"

"You talking bout me tho Boog"

"I dont see how she Can go from Being on her wack ass facebook and instagram talking shit to wanting to meet and have a civilized conversation"

"I don't see how either Samantha" Hussle said grabbing the phone.

"I'm going bro, so you getting Khalil"

"If you go then I aint gotta go, bring him"

"Boy give me my phone none of y'all don't need to go, I can handle my own"

"Boogie we know you can handle yours but not while pregnant! Tanisha will try to take advantage"

"Yeah tell her ass Samantha cuz she don't listen da fucc"

"I'll be there in a few love y'all" Sammy said hanging up.          

   Hussle's taking the kids to sky zone they've been bugging us to go there for the longest and today was Basically the perfect day considering I can't jump anyway.


I'm taking the kids to that jumping place, My lil nephew Khalil coming to. I aint did shit else with Tanisha so ion know why I'm nervous as fucc bout this little "meet up" shit. Ion even wanna say meet up cuh that shit sound like something you say when you trynna set a mf up and I know that aint the case, Tanisha better not try anything to get us to break up, Boog and I been straight since getting back together no real arguing or fighting none of that shit. We get into it here in there our recent argument got crazy but thats just shit that couples do I'm still working on my album in shit so things been a lil distant, But I been feeling distant on Boog part.

"DAMN NO LOCKED DOORS? Samantha said storming in like she own our house.

"We knew you were coming cuz duh"

"Hey uncle Nip" Khalil said running right pass me tackling Kam, They got that lil WWE shit they do you cant take them nowhere, Emani be with that shit to. I hope they dont do that shit to them folks kids at this damn place.

"Why you look like you dress for war Sammy some wrong with you"

"Im a soldier now leave me alone."

Boog came wobbling down the stairs, I was thinking naw I think I should go then Samantha take the kids to the jumping place. But then again Samantha can go so that if something does go down she a female and can hit Tanisha I cant even though I be wanting to. I never hit Tanisha before but she'll tell you I choked her ass out when she tried to damn near stab me when I told her we not together for the 100th time, I ain't even choke her out like she claim I pushed her ass and got the fuc on! My momma was heated as fuc at me talking bout you dont put your hands on a female, LADY she almost stabbed me what the fuc I was suppose to do? Let her? "You ready sis?" Sammy said getting hype.

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