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ROBINSON had the entire gaming community in its grip. Everyone was streaming it, playing it, watching others play it, or talking about it. Money rolled into the game from all over the world, and the best players were already cashing out as much as I'd make in an entire year delivering packages. The game attracted the world's most fanatic players that had previously dominated famous shooters or even sports games. Everyone was surviving on the Million Dollar Island now. Everyone was hunting for that jackpot loot.

Milan had managed to convince two of his online friends to form a clan with us. Felix from the United States and Jun from South-Korea were both veterans in the first-person-shooter genre. They'd serve to be excellent assets in the Player vs. Player game-mode we wanted to enter.

Killing another player resulted in receiving whatever cash and valuable treasure they were keeping in their personal inventory at that moment. Several clans had gotten quite rich already simply by killing off all enemy players on the map over and over again.

I was not a fanatic PvP player at all, but now that there was real money involved, the thrill of taking down an enemy clan tingled under my skin. All treasures in the game had a five hour real-time cool down before they could be traded for dollars. Aside from this limit, transferring winnings from the inventory onto a PayPal account was possible only once a day. Due to this limitation, plenty of players roamed the ROBINSON servers carrying around serious amounts of cash that could be looted off their dead bodies. PvP was the most lucrative way to get rich quick.

All we needed to start was a fifth teammate. I had no friends I trusted to be skilled enough aside from Milan, but Felix claimed he knew the perfect fifth member for our clan.

"She's a popular streamer. Mostly plays Japanese RPG's, but she smashes the buttons on her controller like a pro. We could use her viewership. They'll probably donate enough for her to gain access to all the pay-to-win stuff. I heard some of the lootboxes have insane weapons in them," he argued. We were in a group call together with Milan, planning out our strategy for the start of the game by watching streamers. A lot of clans seemed to be camping the spawn area for new players, killing them instantly and taking their starter cash. If we wanted a chance at staying alive, we needed to make a run for the jungle immediately.

"How many subscribers does this girl have?" Milan asked.

"Around seven-thousand. It's Kittygamegirl, I'm sure you've heard of her. She's the one that sold her used underwear as merchandise."

"Excuse me, what?!" I exclaimed, scowling at my computer screen. "That's fucking gross. Can't we invite a sane person instead?"

"Think about it, Vera. If you team up with her, her subscribers might check out your channel as well. Especially if you guys agree on some kind of streaming schedule so you don't broadcast at the same time. It could be a great boost for your channel," Felix argued. "Besides, she might form the perfect distraction in a PvP situation. A ton of guys are crazy about her. They'll probably just gift her any treasure they find."

"And how exactly are you going to convince her to join us? Someone as popular as her surely already got herself a team." I had to admit, getting a popular streamer on our team was a great idea. But who the hell sold their used underwear as merchandise? She had to be one of those girls that liked to wear low cut shirts during her streams and was mostly popular for her appearance, not for her gaming skills. Did I really want her audience to find me? They'd probably find me too ugly to subscribe to and I definitely didn't feel like becoming a victim of sexist trolls.

"We went on a couple of dates, she digs me," Felix responded proudly. "Don't tell anyone though. Her fans like to live in the illusion that she's forever available."

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