Chapter 8

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"Let's try this again," The teacher instructed. She showed us the move again.

I looked around. Here I was, stuck in a room with a bunch of eight to twelve year olds.

After many attempts, the teacher said, "Julie, why don't you give it a shot."

Did I mention I'm the TA (Teacher's Assistant)? I was so going to kill Liv for this.

I took her place in front of the room. Twenty pair of eyes stared at me.

"Umm, ok, why don't you guys just show me what you've got so far?" I turned on the music.

It was like watching a war unfold. One girl accidently hit the girl next to her. The girl who got hit narrowed her eyes at the girl who hit her, and then "accidently" hit her in the elbow too. Then they started having an elbow fight.

One boy, who was off to the side, wasn't moving at all. Instead, he pulled his sweatshirt over his head.

Two girls in the middle weren't even paying attention to the whole routine; they were just standing there, waving their arms like they could pass as participating. They giggle and kept sneaking looks at the guy across from them.

Oh boy.

I turned off the music.

"Ok, ummm, that didn't go too well," I murmured to myself. "Do you guys even want to learn how to dance? Or did your parents just make you?" I asked.

One girl raised her hand, "My parents made me. I suck at dancing, anyways."

About half the people murmured in agreement.


So then I started I turned on the music and said, "Watch this." I stared putting in random moves together. After a minute, the twenty pair of eyes that were staring at me, widened.

"That was so cool!" The girl said, "I want to learn how to dance like that!"

"Well, you can't if you don't even pay attention," I said, "Now, do you want me to teach you or not?"

My answer was twenty heads nodding.

I smiled. This wasn't so bad.

"Ok, now just mirror what I do."

Ten minutes have gone by when the door suddenly opened. I couldn't believe who walked in. Seb. What the heck was he doing here? He saw me, but showed no signs of it. He started talking to the teacher.

I looked away from him.

After a few minutes, he said goodbye to the teacher. Just as he walked out, he gave winked at me. Or, at least, I think he did.

"Good job, Julie! Thank you so much for helping out. I can take over now," The teacher said as she walked up to the front of the class again.

"It was my pleasure," I smiled. I grabbed my bags, waved goodbye, and then walked out.

I waited for Caitlin to pick me up, since someone, namely Liv, was apparently busy.

Finally, Caitlin got there and we drove home.

"Are mom or dad home?" I asked as I stepped inside the house.

"No, they're out shopping."

"For what?" I asked.

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