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Pen Your Pride

WTF.. You're Lying!

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oh sh*t, i didnt tell you who I was... to be honest i really dont even feel like it but here we go anyway. My name is Kevin.. I went to school with Casey in 7th and 8th grade. We got separated when we graduated and went off to high school.... i havent heard from her til today and i almost got cursed out. Im playful/silly but i know when to be serious. Thats why I asked her to f*ck me, i didnt no she was married though : /

I gotta see this Jacob guy that shes married to, h*ll i gotta see Casey first if Jacob dont try to jump my as. I hope he aint to protective because I will try to get a friend ship with her, me and Jacob could be cool to matter of fact. Casey already said shes faithful so he aint got nothing to worry about, sh*t im faithful to..... but im single (  ._.) Anyway what else yall wanna no? i know what you wanna no.. Whos my friend that gave me Caseys number? And better yet told me where see lives? Well i cant tell you just yet.


"baby, im pregnant.."

"how you know"

"we f*cked! but no period, its suppose to be here as we speak. but its not"

"so when you gon tell everyone"

"i dont know"

"why not now?"

"I dont feel like it"

"dam you getting lazy already"


"I want a girl so i dont have to worry about her being like me"

"what cha mean"

"so she can be like you.."

"like me how?"

"the way i grew up.. the way i was would not be appropriate for a girl to act and if she do ima beat her as"

"so you were a player, she wont be a hoe, even if its a boy he doesnt have to be a player"

"usually if its a boy it takes on from his dad"

"not if you raise him right"

he laughed " i was raised right, but i loved girls"

"oh shit.."


De'Andre is leaving in five days, so i made up my mind that I'll go up there for a while but i havent chose to move yet. and i still havent told Casey anything about this, matter of fact i feel like me and Casey dont talk like we use to every since me and Corahn broke up. It might be because she had a baby and shes busy but i havent talked to Olivia Jaymiah Ravenn.... We all need to hang before i leave, without De'Andre, maybe Corahn can go. WHERE IS PROD!!!!!!!!! WHERES.... JADARRIAN! But if all of us hang De'Andre is gonna have to come to. But i just wanna get back close to all my friends, no guy is suppose to separated us. 

So I guess De'Andre realized he really hurt me the reason he just pulled me on his lap cuddling me, i like cuddling so this is great but especially under this cover, its all warm and stuff. Its getting cold af out side to so this is the best time to cuddle up. 

"baby" De'Andre said softly


"its cold in here lets get closer"

I smiled "its not cold in here"

"shut up and get closer to me" he held me a little closer 

I wrapped my arms around his torso. 

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