Chapter 4

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Molly and Tim walked back up the hill and got into Violet's car.

" So, Tim were do you live?" Violet asked as they drove out of the park on to the road.

" Oh ... um. You now were the library is right?" Tim asked

"Yes" Violet replied

" Ok, go to library then turn west on 23rd, go for about a mile then turn left, it'sthe second house on the right." Tim explained

" You live just one house away from me?" Molly asked shocked

" Do I?" Tim asked confused

" Well the directions you just gave my mom are the directions to get to my house, excepted 'it's the fourth house on the right,' " Molly said.

" I guess I do then " Tim smiled.

" Mom, maybe you should tell Tim's dad" Molly said

" Molly, maybe Tim should tell his dad, he saw and heard what happened" Violet said as she pulled into Tim's driveway and parked the car.

"Mom, so did I but I couldn't tell you" Molly said as they got out of the car. Molly looked at Tim, she could tell he was scared.

"Tim would you like me to tell your dad for you?" Molly asked just above a whisper so that Violet wouldn't hear.

" Would you, really" Tim asked

"Yes, you told my mom for me and I didn't even ask you... ah... what is a girlfriend for any how?" Molly said stopping just before they got to the door. Molly pulled Tim into a hug kissing him sweetly on the check. When Molly and Tim walked in to the house, they found Violet talking to Tim's dad.

" Hi, dad" Tim said giving his dad a hug,

" Hi, Tim" his dad said {still hugging Tim} Tim pulled away from his dad. Standing by Molly.

" Tim, this must be Molly" Tim's dad said

"Yes" Tim replied. Molly stepped forward, shaking Tim's dad's hand she said,

" It's nice to meet you...."

" Oh... call me Edward" Edward said

" It's nice to meet you Edward" Molly said again

" It's nice to meet you too Molly" Edward said smiling. Molly let go of Edward's hand. Molly looked over at Tim: who nodded his head.

"Okay Molly" was all Tim said. Molly told Edward about seeing Carla {Tim's mom} and Bill {Molly's dad} and what happed out side The Movie Thither. Unlike Violet, Edward didn't cry. He walked into the living room and sat down on the couch. Tim, Violet and Molly walked in after him. Tim sat down by Edward and hugged him.

" Dad are you ok?" Tim asked in a shaking voice.

"Tim, I knew some thinking like this was going on. Your mom has been so distant for the past month or so, and she won't even kiss me," Edward said sadly.

"Dad, if you knew way didn't you converter her about it?" Tim asked

"Because I wasn't sure and I was afraid that if I was wrong andI askedher about it that I would lose her." Edward said sadly

" Oh" Tim said. Tim stood up and went over to Molly; He took her hand in his.

" Molly can talk to you " Tim asked gesturing toward the kitchen,

"Sure" Molly replied, Tim and Molly walked into the kitchen.

"Molly would you be mad if I suggested that my dad and your mom see a movie together, you know to get their mind off everything?"

"That sounds great! Maybe then, we could gosee that moivethat we didnt get to see today"


" What are you two doing?" Edward asked. Molly let go of Tim and turned to see Edward and her mom standing in the doorway.

"We were just talking" Molly began

Tim said putting his hand and Molly's shoulder.

"So that's what the were doing, is it now" Edward said in a mocking voice.

"Yes, ... Edward" Molly said getting her voice back,

" Molly why didn't you tell us you two were..." Violet said.

" Were what? Molly asked

"Dating?" Violet said

" We aren't really dating, but I guess if you want to call it that go ahead" Tim said

" What do you mean "we aren't really dating"?

" Oh well we kinda are, considering the story" Molly said

" What story?" Violet asked

" Oh the one we used to fool dad and Carla" Molly said looking at Tim.

" Tim let's get out of here?" Molly said taking Tim's hand,

"Yes, let's go" Tim said.

~~~ Sorry if this is confusing.. They are dating, but wont admite it to anyone yet.. Comment and vote! Thanks:) ~~~

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