Epilogue: " A Proposal {Part 2}"

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                      And for the final time ,here you go the last update . Hope it lives up to your expectations .

A Month Later ..

                   It has been a month since Vihaan accidentally blurted out the proposal ,and it took him almost another 30 days before finalizing the plan . He was nervous. It was supposed to be a life changing moment of his life ,though he knew her answer in heart ,he still wanted this day to remain memorable for her .

                 He knocked at his Angel house as Yuv rushed to open the door , he had to give it to her family for being themselves and not even a single moment they betrayed his secret as they conversed with him as if it any other day until his Angel walked out ready to leave on a date with him . 

              " Yuv ,any idea where he is taking me today . Even Anjali had no clue this time " his angel asked her brother once she reached them and Yuv shook his head in answer . Yuv was close to eighteen now and he had learnt the art of keeping secrets even from his beloved sister .   

               Vihaan looked at the smiling face of his angel parents and felt the relief at their acceptance ,he had asked their permission over few months ago and when he called them last week to tell them about today ,they had been excited as much as him .

              " Drive Safe ." his angel mom called out when they walked out of the house, and once she stepped inside the car ,he held out the small box he gift wrapped into her hands and she took it with a suspicious look that turned further into a glare as she opened the gift .

              " Blindfold ,are you serious Vihaan .." His angel asked as she held the blindfold in her hand .   And he knew it was bit too much but he had no other way if he had any intention to keep the suspense .

          " For me  " he asked instead which earned a nod from her even if she hadn't been a fan of the idea of being in the dark literally about their destination ,as he helped her with the blindfold . And her acceptance lasted for over the next fifteen minutes before she lost her patience.

       " How much longer Vihaan " She asked for tenth time in the last fifteen minutes . He knew his angel won't like to he deprived of sightseeing ,it was a tough ask from her but he hoped the suspense was worth it . 

       " A lot longer than 15 minutes angel ,it will take about an hour with less traffic and around two hours with traffic ,thankfully I have chosen a night with less traffic " he answered back and saw the disappointment in her face about the long journey ahead .

       " Fine , the suspense better be worth it . " she answered back as she leaned into the seat looking tad upset at him for making her wait . But soon she began talking to him about her day  and thankfully forgot about the blindfold  .

              He glanced at his wrist watch ,the first gift from his angel and felt a smile tug at his face . And noticed it had been exactly a hour since they started the ride , it was time to bring this night to conclusion he decided as he drove her to their destination .

           Once he stopped the car ,her hands automatically reached for the blindfold that he had to stop her yet again ,as he helped her out of the car and walked her inside the place ,he had planned to propose to her . He waited till they were both standing inside the place before taking the blindfold off and noticed her expectant gaze as it travelled around the place and the confusion in her face as she turned back to him in question .  


            Lavanya had surely believed today would be the day he would ask her to marry him , and only because she didn't want to fight with him on such a memorable day . She accepted the blindfold from him and yet when he took the blindfold off ,all her expectations turned into disappointment as she only saw a normal house . 

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