༺ XVII ༻

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Shen Mingxia

The transformation was over quickly, but the pain still lingered. My entire body felt sore and foreign to me, as I had handed the reins of control over to my dragon. Would the pain be just as bad for every shift? If it would, I don't know how often I would want to, the pain was nothing but torture.

My dragon growled at the thought, clearly unhappy with where my train of thought was taking us. She didn't have to say a word for me to understand that she didn't appreciate being on a leash all of the time.

I am a part of you, Mingxia. You cannot just imprison me in the darkest corner of your mind and throw away the key. Doing so means you would not be at your best. The pain will get better. It was your first shift, be proud of our accomplishment today.

For the second time in my life, she made a point that we could both agree upon. I knew that banishing her wouldn't benefit either of us and she most likely appreciated the freedom. But what would she do with it?

We shall fly. She took a step forward to emphasize her point, but her legs shook beneath her weight.

Fly? You can barely walk! What happens if we crash?

Have you no faith in me? Do you think of me as some weak wyrmling? For once, her tone sounded uncertain and even a little hurt. I didn't think it was possible for a dragon to be insecure given that they were such powerful creatures.

Before I could give it further thought, Guanyu stepped in front of her. He held his hands out, signaling her to stop moving. I was able to catch a glimpse of what he looked like through my dragon's eyes.

Although he was taller than most humans, he was still considerably smaller than my dragon. His frame was as small as a house pet, capable of getting squashed if he got too close.

"Your Majesty, you cannot fly right now. You have only just shifted, it is not safe."

My dragon snarled, smoke billowing out of her long snout. She didn't appreciate being told what she could and couldn't do.

In an attempt to assert her dominance, she puffed out her chest and flashed her large incisors, thinking that would force Guanyu to back down.

A look of confusion flitted across his face, as if he was unsure of what to do. It was clear that he wanted my dragon to remain where she was standing but he didn't want it to be seen as an act of insubordination.

My dragon opened her mouth slightly to allow heat to spill out. Flames sat at the back of her mouth, threatening to engulf him. Ripples of heat waves splattered across her vision, as the temperature in the area rose.

He let out a deep sigh before taking a step back. "Lord Liwei will not be pleased," he muttered to himself with a shake of his head.

My dragon harrumphed and proceeded forward. Her nails scraped along the ground, engraving her mark into the stone. With each step, her legs were capable of supporting more of her weight.

She took off into bounding strides until she jumped high into the air. I closed my eyes, thinking we were dead or severely injured. I knew it, I knew I shouldn't have kept this desire to become a herbalist. I shouldn't have left home, what was I thinking?

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