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As promised, here is the Q&A! I wasn't sure what the best way to go about this would be, so I'm giving a format I've seen and enjoyed before a try! Here goes!  When "I" am speaking the text will be bold.  Character speech will be in italics.


"How are you handling everything?"

Emily heaves a sigh. "About as well as can be expected I guess. I mean, how would you handle it if you found out literally everyone you were close to, including your pet, wasn't who they said they were?"

"Have you ever thought about having powers like Tae and Jimin?"

"Sometimes. Like when I thought it would be cool to maybe have the power of reading minds. On the other hand though, having powers, especially mind reading would open up a whole other can of worms." Emily taps her chin as she considers how to sum up her answer. "Honestly, I think I'm happiest just being plain old me. Mind reading would be cool, but it would be an invasion of privacy, and it's none of my business what anyone else thinks of me."


"What was the first wish you ever granted?"

Jimin shoots you a dry look. "You know I've been alive a long time right?"

He sits quietly for a moment, thinking. Heaving a sigh he continues, "I think the first wish I ever granted was for a pet dog. I was assigned to this elderly man whose family had all passed away or moved on and he was all alone. All he wanted was a companion that would stay with him. I obviously couldn't give him a human companion, but a pet is doable."

"Are you the only wish granter at Wishing Well?"

"Nope! There are lots of other wish granters at Wishing Well! There are a bunch of genies, though I'm not close to any of them, and there are a few other magical species that Mr. Yoo has enhanced in such a way that they can grant wishes, too, even though that isn't their typical specialty."

"Can you sense what type of genie powers another genie has?"

"Well, at the end of the day, all genies grant wishes; that's their purpose. I can always sense other genies because they're like me, and sometimes I can sense whatever 'super power' Mr. Yoo has given them. I can't always sense what the other beings that work at Wishing Well are though. I'm not familiar with all the races, and unless I've interacted enough with individuals I can't figure them out."


"You know you're amazing right? You just appeal to me in so many ways. Tell me, how much effort would you put to protect Emily?"

You've made him blush!

"Shh, don't expose me, Intro!" Taehyung stares at his feet as he talks, "Thank you. You're amazing, too." Taehyung smiles up at you and his eyes shine with sincerity. "I would do anything to help protect Emily. She'd my friend and there's pretty much nothing I wouldn't do to help a friend."

"Do you have any friends that are also shifters?"

"No. I wish I did though! That would be so cool." Taehyung shifts his weight from foot to foot and stuff his hands in his pockets. "There are other shifters at Wishing Well, but friendship isn't promoted, and even if it were, I'm kind of an outsider, even among the beings like me."

"Can you shift into other forms or just your cat/normal human form?"

"I can shift into almost anything!" Taehyung's eyes shine brightly as he continues. "The only things I can't shift into are things that aren't actually real. I haven't tried inanimate objects, but I don't think that would be very fun! My favorite form is my natural form though. I like looking like myself, but sometimes it's fun to be other things! Being a cat was pretty nice, especially with an 'owner' as nice as Emily."

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