Chapter 36- taking you

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1 month later
Zach's POV
Anywhere I go I'm taking you
We sing the last line.
"Woohooo!!!" We yell.
"Let's come up with an idea for a music video!" Corbyn says.
"Yeah!" We all day in syncs.
"So Daniel will play guitar and we'll all sing. How about we have a bunch of neon lights and we could do skateboard tricks and take selfies and more?" Jonah explains.
We all take a minuet to think about it and we all slowly nod our heads.
"Great! Let's film it in a week. I'll call the place that we're going to" Jonah tells us.
"Sounds good" Jack says.
"What about us? Like, our relationships?" I ask.
"Good question, we'll keep them private for now although expose Corbyn and Christina's because they both already have a fan base." Daniel tells us.
We nod our heads in agreement.
"Plus, we all know I'm the best looking out of all so all the girls will hit on me." Corbyn says with a smirk.
We roll our eyes at him.
"Sureeee" Jack says in a sarcastic tone.
"What about our sexuality's?" Dani asks.
"Let's keep them private for now and we'll tell them later if we gain fans." Jonah informs.
"I'm going to call my mom and tell her about the band because she isnt her right now" I say and walk out of the room.
I scroll through my contacts and find 'Mom💞' in my phone. I click the call button and press the phone against my ear.
"Hey honey" she says.
"Hi mom, I just called to tell you something." I explain.
"What did you do this time?" She laughs.
"Nothing! I just wanted to say the boys and I made a band!" I explain.
"Really?! Yay! What's it called?"
"Why dont we"
"Why dont we what?"she ask.
"No, mom, the bands called why don't we." I tell her.
"Ohhhhh, that makes sense." She says laughing.
We talk a bit longer and then we hang up.
I walk into the room again and see Jack.
"Hey babe" he says.
"Hi" I say and sit on his lap.
"What did your mom say?" He asks.
"She said she's proud of us and also was confused at first when I told her our name." I laugh.
He giggles, "same with my mom"
We just giggle.
"Want to watch something, Daniel,Jonah, and Corbs left" he asks me.
"Sure, I call choosing the channel!"
"Dang it!" He says.
I scroll through Netflix and see riverdale.(I love but hate that show at the same time😂)
"Riverdale it is!" I say clicking on it.
"Ughhhh no" Jack complains.
"You've never even watched it before, just give it a chance." I say.
"Fine. But only for you." He says and kisses my cheek.
Sure enough, Jack loved it.

I hate school, that bitch can go die in a mother friken hole.
Anyways, hope you guys liked this chapter. Love you all

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